Richelle Mead is now the proud onwer of another Graphic novel on her series the Dark Swan the firts book on this story is Storm Born follows the adventures of Eugenie Markham, a free-lance shaman who battles ghosts and fey that sneaks into our world from the Otherworld. When an alarming prophecy suddenly makes her every Otherworldly creature's object of desire, Eugenie must dodge their advances while also fighting a dark power rising within her.  this Graphic novel is set to be release at winter 2011. for more info Click here

Cover up date.

The new cover for This Side of the Grave by Jeaniene Frost for her series Night Huntress ( Bones & Cat story).
like you can see this cover show or heroin like always as strong as always and you have as well the stepback as well which by the way i think is cool.
in the stepback we have Bones and Cat together, and his tattoo is not actually like is describe in the book but other wise will be available to see it ( that Jeaniene Say in her blog) and Cat is not waring her ring as well but ( jeaniene but her editor pointed out, when Cat’s out hunting, she’d leave it at home because she wouldn’t want something happening to it. So that’s why those things differ from the book description )

so here are more new on Richelle Mead so far the Young Adult and Adult series is now more popular that ever with the release of twilight many Vampire lover are trying to brig to the big scream other vampire book, and what better book to come out as a movie that Richelle Mead Vampire Academy series when a very strong group of character are make and the ideas are just new and fun to read. well the movie has not yet anything but the rights has just been bough and the author is definitely happy with it, there is also a page where you can talk to other fan about and find more new of the movie this is the official page Official VA Movie site on facebook . in other new on the author as well she is soon to release her first Graphic Novel for Vampire Academy ( VA) that is say to be release on 2011 and the cover is out but there is no much info and if you want to know more just Click here and you can see a Little more of her new projects.
Also she is to come out with a new series for 2011 that is coming in the same world as VA and it set to feature other character of the book and some new one so don't forget to check that out as well and well the last book on the VA series is to come on December 7 so check it out and don't forget to see more on the info her.

Hey guys now you can read the complete story of Heart of Darkness in her short story on Darkest Angel, this is the story of a Angel Lysander and Bianka the deadly Harpy.
for those that had read the story on previews book of the lords Bianka is the sister of Gwen in the Darkest Whisper.
Here is the link and read the story of this two new lovers.

Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series has been a hit since the first book was released in 2007. The fifth and latest installment, Spirit Bound, comes out May 18. We have an exclusive first look at the book’s trailer, which will air during Thursday night’s season finale of the Vampire Diaries and as a preview before this summer’s highly anticipated movie Eclipse.

Mead spoke with about the trailer, what fans can expect from her new book, and she’s doing next.

by. Catherine Garcia

From the very popular series Thirst, we come to find the 3 book in the series i know many how have read the series are as shock as I'm with the end in the last book we have to wait i see what is going to happened this book is going be release on October 5, 2010 and there is no word in what the book is about, and anything we only have release data and cover.

the very anticipated Trailer for Eclipse is out to the public, we were info that his day view could be today Friday 23 on Oprah, which i have to say never watch and today wasn't the exection. a friend send to me the eclipse trailer that have been say is going to be the last one on for the Movie, because a re-shoot the would be no more. some thing this decision is a no-no but think about for New Moon they show to much and in here most of the movie is a mystery which i like and i think many fan as well, also for this re-shoot they have to option one was to move the movie day view ( June 30 2010 ) or just come out with only one more trailer.
now just hope the movie is as good as the trailer is i can wait for the movie also if you haven't see it go to trailer in this page and there you have it.