Friday, April 30, 2010

Try Me by Parker Blue

Love, Betrayal, Vampire , Demos, and a Mystery... How much can you ask for??
it took long enough for Parker Blue to come with the next on a Demon underground novel, the first book ( BITE ME ) was so good and have everything but a second book and know it has, i love this series it have everything i like and the main character can kick some butt but is clueless when it come to love or even men.
know that she is getting to learned to control Lola ( she call her demon so) with the help of the sexy Shade ( a shadow demon) and trying to find the Encyclopedia Magicka that some stole and trying to avoid a war between Vampire, Demon and humans. plus learning that her love life have to be on hold because she need to make a decision keep what make her- her or give all away and be something new and unknown.
and let no forget Dan her sexy Partner and now EX-boyfriend is giving her the down, after she kill her ex, and saving his life, and her family.
with this book we get to know even more about the character even though Parker Blue just change her love interest,which is good with me they need to put her with someone that would like her and Lola and not be scare of been under her control and would help her.
Dan can be the first men she has feeling for but i think this all is going to change in the 3 book is going to happen something i think, because she is now with Shade the second men but first to love everything about her.
still the temptation is there for her to lose herself with either men but let see what is to come as Parker Blue say he is learning what is going to happen as the same time as we do.
i just hope the next doesn't take as long as the second book at least to come next year it would be good.
have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

The can try to break them but there bond is one and the same..

in silver borne the story change just a little, in Iron Kissed when Mercy is trying to save Zee from a murder that he didn't do she need it information on how to find how did it, so that how she meet Phin and the Book ( s book with story on it, a fae story write by a fae) it help her time and she was taking her time to read it and is untol a phone call from Zee son that she is to give the book back, but surpre ( no so much) in Mercy life nothing is easy and know Samuel wolf is in charged because Samuel try to kill them both.
when i read that part it really get to me and scare as well that how the wolf want to live so much that it would take control of all. i really think that one of the part in the book that was the most interesting and the fat that his would didn't mind been call puppy or puny. =]
the story line for this one i like she didn't have to do anything and still actually almost give her life to save the other as she always do. she could have give the book to the bitch queen and don't have to worry about Fae no more but she didn't and that what really make a person, because she was brave to give her life for the sake of all.
in here we see that for the first time we see the treason on the pack, the hate, the love and what really keep her on there.
i think in the book she was more wolf that a coyote and more wolf that other because she was ready to save them old and give up some other things for to be with Adam. this book really make the relashionship start and even make it stroger.
Patricia Briggs didn't let me down in this book i like her work and i like that in this book she actually let the reader see what the feel in the love making and in other things.

Have fun and keep reading
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

She knows now.... you need to RUN.

so in the past book we learn that Mercy kill two vampires and in this book the Mistress of the vampire learn of the true, as well to make sure that Mercy pays for her action again the vampire and not only that a old friend comes in the best moment possible or is just a coincident. but in Mercy there is not coincident. after helping the Far and been abuse on body and mind she have her panic attack and keeping them under control when giving her self to Adan is not something that seen very easy.
now she is mate with Adan, bond with Stephan and fighting for her life and the stick keep coming to her, what would she do.
well the series has his thing because reading the first book is was like okay i know she is going to help each of them but then she did so and the vampire learn the true so far that is true but what next i supposed she would be the one to show the world about them all or maybe she is going to find more Walker like her and learned some true how know the series is a good one and mercy is a very strong character that no only look very human ( eve though she s not one) about the things that happend to her and Patricia Briggs know how to bring some life to them all.
i really like this series is take me sometime to read it but is mostly because i more a fan of adult book because there not scare of saying or doing anything, so i think is more of a vision that anything else.
The Bone Crossed have action, love and a lot of growing to or Mercy girl. would see what happen to her next but i think what ever it is, is going to make her love more her life at the pack and Adan and Stephan is going to be around to be there for her.

Have fun and keep reading
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

first the Wolf them Vampire now the Fae....... she really need new friends.

Well the 3rd book on this series i think i like it more that the second or first.
i have to say i don't thing rape is a nice thing but we get to see a new face from some of the character and that is what really give life to the story line in this one.
in this series human know about the wolf and Fae, as you may know the only show what they want the human to know about.
the Fae are the more secretive of all them, and Mercy is call in a favor after the help the Fae give to her after the vampire/demon was on the lose, and even though i miss so much Zee character it was also nice to see her go to so much just to safe him, and show too that the human only like power and things they want to control and that we are not like animal at all we come first other later and this is the horror of all.
in this book rape is part of something and some may thing death is a big punishment for that i supposed that been abuse is worse that been death because death you feel nothing but when you are a live the feeling someone touch you without you wanting and the feeling of not been able to do something teach that animal in sting are sometimes write.
( I'm not saying is right to kill)....
i like the series is a very good book and keep the reader in wait of what is to happened and how is to happen i like it and Patricia Briggs bring a new thing to the table even if the thing have been done she put a touch to it that make it new and original.
i like it and i hope get the Chase to give it a try.

have fun and Keep reading
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Eclipse trailer

Check the new eclipse trailer on the trailer section on my page have fun

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thirst No. 1 by Christopher Pike

Hey people check this out i just found this book call thirst by christopher pike... but i'm looking for info of his books because i haven't been able to found anything this book is really good just finish it today and the end was something i didn't expect but i can wait for the next one but when i was reading i didn't want to cometinued because she always love everyone she love but know i have to said i think she doen't lose always i can wait to read the next one i just read a sneak peak i was really i can wait for the next one what do you guy think about...... if you were a vampire very old and everything you love you lose what would happend what would you do to said love or humanity? would you give everything for nothing or you one day would get everything in retur ? what do you think is more important.

have fun and keep reading
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Wait till helen comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Wait Till Helen Comes.

Winner of 11 state book awards....

there is not wounder why?this book is so good Mary Downing Hahn is best know for her thriller your basic stepsister that hate you but what you don't know is that she have a dark secret that secret make her very much attrative Helen a little girl ghoust.this book is genuinely scary but no in a bad way you going to be very sorprise about everything that happen.i really love the book it something very realistic and something that can happend to any of us but, for Molly ( the narritor in the book ) it was more that something it was a opening for your eyes.ghost story are always in every where you look but this book really take you and let you see the pain and the sufer that many soul have past trow,this is a most read book is no a series but she have more novel.i have to said that she really make you belive in the paranormal and also that what they can do to you or what there looking that you do for them, i think after reading this book that or soul is very sensitive and what we become iafter death is what we are in live.i really hope never to see a ghost but if i do i think we have to respect them and sometimes they just want help but you need to read the book i promise you that you going to love it and if you don't tell me i send you the money ( jk) =]

have fun keep reading

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Once Death Twice shy by kim harrison

Once death twice shy by Kim Harrison.

Okay this is the new series I believe from Kim Harrison, I have to say it s a really good story. The story is a girl that was kill before her time and she toke some amulet, from the guy that kill her without knowing her really fate and why she was kill or be able to keep the amulet. The amulet keep her alive well not alive but with a temporally body, but she is still death.
Reading this book was cool the talk about angel and death of the most but the level of creativity that Kim has in her book show, she always have something new to put on you plate and make you imagination go wild, in the book the angel and death are the main focus even thou in this book her main character Madison is not as strong as her pass character in the hollows she make this teen go to strong situations that can change life, and in the end the question remain if choice or fate that move us.
I can wait to the next book to come out. I really recommend people to read it and have fun because is a fun book to read is a totally different from the hollows but as well put together you notice her work as you read.

have fun and keep reading
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Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Falling in love was never so easy . . .

or so deadly.

Becca Fitzpatrick bring you to a new world were love, hate, and fear are all part of your plate.this is not your love story kind of book, is depet and is very much sad to know some thing, atough it look a little as twilight just for the forbitten love anything else is totaly different love the character, and i love how easy to read the book is.Becca make sure you understand why everything happen and give you just enoug info so you can relate with each character but i think there are more mysteri coming on the way and possible the next book are coming with those.if you looking for something romatic but with aventure as well just by hush, hush you would not be disapointed.

have fun and keep reading
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The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger


imagen that you could see what people think and are, just imagen people think that you are crazy when you are not and to top that you resive notes for someone that you are not and not only that you mom have been keeping it from you.what would happen if you could see lies when they tell you could no be scare that is what is happeing to Beth (Elizabeth Ray Michaels). but no onl that they people that you trues the most are using you and lying as well, your bestfriend is also jelous of you becaue the brother of the persone she is in love just kiss her but not only there conection become something more that just that kiss, something bigger happen between the two of them.and your mother said that your crazy and that she is doing it PROTECT YOU, but from what.after a accident she end do in a psychiatric institute and found out she is not crazy that they someone that send her the notes (7RI) know what is happening to her.and she start her true journey.i love the book is really good i actually read the 328 page in one day is that good, you can not stop reading and Jessica bring something new to the table, but only bad thing is i don't think and sequence for the book. but you can always hope.this is a journey of magic, mistery, adveture. and the intricacies of relationships and love.

have fun and keep reading
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Fallen by Lauren Kate

FALLEN in love was never so........ difficult.

Lauren Kate have a fasinated way to see love, and fallen is so entertaining and breath taking. you would see a new way to fall in love.fallen is a very interesting book you never expect they out comes of the book is very misteryuos and romantic, sexy you name it is really good.when i was reading the book i could not help to feel that they main character Luce ( Lucinda) didn't have a chose but she did even in her pass lifes, and she always love the same person........ her.Fallen is a really good and i recomend it very much, i not going to said much about it because is very to found out the secret that are in fallen but it would take you breath and it would keep you reading to the end.

have fun and keep reading
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Never cry werewolf by Heather Davis

You. Him. The moon. You’re toast

i like the book was good and it start little boring but them it pick up is about werewolf and i guess is another book coming out but just i a good book if you like wolf and thins lke that them you should read it but is not that long and i think the author can make it happen in the next book if is coming but is good is romatic and crazy. i hope you like it and enjoy.

Moonlight can totally change your life.
And it all starts so simply.
You. Him. The moon. You’re toast.

Have fun and keep reading
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Bad Blood by Mari Mancusi

Bad Blood

OKay What to say about bad blood?????? okay well i like it the series is good, i was hoping for more but well the book was good i love the character i just when i read it i was hoping for sunny to be a little more agresive i guess i like that but she is sweat and that what make this character different from her sister. okay now i guess this book has all faries, weres, vampires what else is missing i don't know how the farie thing is going to play i hope it make it good let see what is going to happend in the next book.

have fun and keep reading

The Hollows series by JessicaVerday

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Okay the hollows is a very misteriuos novel, i have to give that, but i didn't like some of the thinks that happen in there.anyways for starties the main character Abbey found that her best friend was having a secret lover they never reveal anything about, i just don't understand why to put it if they not going to tell you about it. them she is in love with Caspian but hi actually a ghoust that one i though about a lot, you never know or you may think you know something but the true is you never know what really is going to happen i don't know after this book i would actually read the second i may be to see if the actually tell you about what really happend to her best friend and how was that misterious lover of her.i don't know if people would like this book i actually found it a little boring and that they tried to tell you about so many things that they end up telling you nothing at the end. many in the second but Jessica Verday would actually explain many of the things and would actually let Ben come close to Abbey at least she deserve love or something similar or if she going to die make that happen i don't know what is going to happen but i hope is better becaus eve thou the novel is very misterious doesn't make the fact that she is mising some of the things.

have fun and keep reading
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First dop of crismon by Jeaniene Frost

Once first crismon drop falls, they will both be lost.

From the best seller of the Night huntress series Jeaniene Frost bring you to the Night Huntress world where the main character are the side character. in the Night huntress we follow th story of Cat and Bones but in this case in the First drop of crismon we follow Spade ( a.k.a Charles, bones best mate) and Denise ( Cat best friend). after Denise found that her family is dying from a very strage heart attack and also be witness of her cousin death, a demon make her go back to the world of the supernatural a place she didn't want to go back after her husband was kill during new year eve in a vampire war. she didn't want to have anything to do with it but now that her hold family was in the line she would do it, using the help of a very sexy and dangerous vampire ( shape) thta doesn't want to carefor human after her love was kill he found himself helping denise and not wanting to let go of her.the book is a very passionet filled with dark sexuality and so much action that breath away. this is the frist book on the Night huntress world series.

have fun and keep reading
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Meridian by Amber Kizer

Life. Death. And the in between.

Meridian Sozu, wasn' your normal teen she always had animal around but never alive and that how it start by the small animal them at her 16th birthday she leard the true about what she was and why everything around her a very dramatc story when love, compassion and be positive was what make the light in people go all the way up, she is a window to help the soul pass, i like the book is a very nice story and the bible is a big part of this angel vs. demon war, between good and evil the perfet balance.i hope you like this book is a good book when it comes to say that love will conquer all. becuse you can have all and not be happy and have nothing and fell like you have it all, remenber money wont by you happy but it help.Amber kizer is working in a sequel to Meridian so when i have news on it you would be the first to know. good luck and i hope you like the book because is defenetly not bad it tern to learn from it.

Have fun and keep reading

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Once a witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Fire in the East and Water for the South; Air for the North and Earth in the West. All of these now Blood does bind.

story that next to comtinued, is in need of a sequel. the book start very slow and in time took me some time to understand what was happening but i guess that is more my foult because i at distrated. the book is really follow the story of a yought witch that never had any talent like everyone around her, she was in a world that everyone had a special talent that she didn't have, but the worst part is that she was suppost to be one of the most powerful witch of her family. i like the book is no that romantic like most of the book are and it has a lot of action but is nice to see that this author want it to make the reader see how or main character was and why she act like she act.i don't know if the book would have a sequel because i have prove wrong in the pass, but if it does i would check it out but i do hope if a second book is to come that the relationship between the two main character progres to the fullest love.

have fun and keep reading

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PLaying with fire by Gena Showalter

Everything start with a Grande mocha latte.

when a man in a lab coat enter belle work asking for help because some is going to kill him, him disapear after Belle call the police but he actually live hr a little gift so she can remenber him.after she finish the call she is out finding herself in from of some agents that are asking some question.

after like look like a crazy day she is in a interview but she actually felling SICK and know that she is not getting that job now.

after getting home and felling like she is going to die a person a stranger a very sexy stranger is there to kill her but he actually doesn't do it.the story show you a very human part of the book where crazy thngs can happen to anyone, no belle is a totaly freak she have control over the 4 elements, and they are very difficult to control.

Have Fun and keep reading

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Intertwined by Gena Showalter

There’s something about the new guy at Crossroads High.....

Aden is not like your average 16 year old guy.

why? because he has a secret.

he has 4 souls in his mind and they have there difference personality and all.

One can time-travel.

One can raise the dead.

One can tell the future.

And one can possess another human.

reading the series is come from 2 different point of view, aden and Mary ann, the book let you get your sense in the difference of people and how are we different. he feel in love with a vampire and mary ann fell in love with a werewolf.the book is a lot of drama and i think they aden character is a very powerful one because people don't get him, they just think of him as a crazy one but what would you do if you actually had 4 souls with you all the time. i really like that this book is different and could not stop myself of reading.gena showalter make it different and entertaing you at the same time hope you get the chance to read this book.

Have fun and Keep reading

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Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

When rejection comes back to bite you....

Jordan life's suck literally, her boyfriend dump her, and the his out with all the girls that he can put his hand on, and them he kill himself????but te worst of think is the day of his funeral, he is waiting for jordan in her window, asking her to ask him to come in beggin her to do so but why?what i like i about this book is how well put together Amanda Marrone put it down. when i start reading it was a little confuse but them she explain everything and you get the idea preatty fast.tin uninvited she make the vampires see bad or this particular one, not in all the book the vampire are all that bad but in here they actually make it sound like that.other thing i like is that or main character Jordan is not your typical teen, she has a lot of problem like her mom more interesting in other thing but her, she drunk and she used drugs and sleep with guys she doesn't know and even care, she have so much trouble in her that she actually doesn't know how to used a simple word NO, to tell no to everything, and when you read you see that she learnd to speak for herself and learn that she doesn't need any of that things to feel good about herself. and i really love to see a character grow in one book lik ein here most of the time in series you see them growin several book, but in this short story she let you see that she is still working on in but she is better now that she know what is good for the book and hope people get to read it and see this new world were or main character is not perfect.
Have fun and keep reading
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immortal by Gillian Shields

She is by my side, as my sister, but he is in my soul.
He is my enemy, my tormentor, my demon.
He is my beloved.

reading the immortals by gillian shields, i was thinking it would be more interesting but i guess it was good, but no my kind of book i guess it is, i just found the main idea i have read it before and that make it no much of a story for me.i guess is a second book coming on this novel, i guess the second cool be something new and out there, it was a good book but i guess i feel like i read it before just like i say i don't know how but it just feel like i have seen this idea before no with like in here but similar, if you get the chance to read it tell me about it if you felt the same

Have fun and keep reading
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Revealers by Amanda Marrone

Are you a good witch...or a bad one?

Judes is your regular teen during the day and ass kicking maching at night. for the uncome birthday of her and her friends they would be come part of the iner circel of the coven but there is a big secret there and is up to them to find the anwers, but when her friend start acting strange she start to digging in for some anwsers.i like the book is very interesting and wheni stat reading i notice that she make the witches the ones and everything else where bad, but true be told in everything there is good and evil you just have to do what is best with the condition.i don't if this book maybe have a second part i guess you can make it happen is a really good story and the BIG SECRET is as big as it make it. i dont want to say the big secrt ecaue that te holl idea of the book, so check it out and have fun readin it is a nice story and is not your normal vampire and witch or anything like that i tink Amanda Marrone like to tll mething with hr story making it kind fiction on t to make a pointso i like it and realy hope people read it.

Have fun and keep reading

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

She is not shade-shifter she is a WALKER.

The second book on the Mercy Thompson series is a little slow but it does has more action that the first book, something the Mercy Thompson series so far miss is the romance and every time it come out is really something our main character is torn by two Wolf literally and both are looking for her heart but now a new danger is in town and she would risk all to save those she love.
in here the second book let you learn a little more about the vampires in the book Stefan to be more specific and after last time when he help her rescue Addan daughter Jesse he is out asking for the payment of that favor.
but when the favor turn to be a deathly one and Stefan is missing and them Addan and Sam as well things get a little freaky.
i like the book story line because is a opening to this new idea where the things that are in the night are very dangerous as well as secretive.
in here the Fae are the first to come out to the public and that make some pretty difficult situation for the other to come out, and when the wolf now those that at well those that don't want to be out in the open have to do anything to keep them self hide.
is a good book and the character have a lot of personality on the on and in here we know for sure that some vampire are evil and some just want to change that idea, and have a chance on love.
i think people should give it a try to this book have some really good moments and i like to say that for a book that doesn't have that much of a romance i see it would come soon enough.

Well Have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Succubus Shadow by Richelle Mead

Seduction has a dark side.....

well in the 4 book on the Georgina Kincaid series i have to say wow i do love this series Richelle mead knows how to make the reader be part of the plot and sometimes even wish that Georgina really exist.
in the previews book Georgina (our heroin) is always getting herself in crazy situation and after her boss ( the demon) was capture and them save by her, that nothing else could go wrong. you were wrong now Seth ( Georgina's Love) is getting marry and her some to be wive put Georgina as bridesmaid is all to painful for her but no only that a mysterious voice is also calling for her and soon she would not be able to resist.
and her roommate how used to hate her is been a temptation one she doesn't want to become part of.
i really enjoy this book in the other the end was nothing compare with this one for those that haven read the book i can tell but still the end let me speechless and in a good way.
in my opinion i think the next book is going to let the true come out was it for all and also that i think that Georgina and Seth are soul mates in some ways, and because she did soul her soul to make her first husband forget about about her betrayal she was meant to be with him as soul mates and still his soul is looking for her as i learn that in this book.
i don't want to give much away even if i want to but i supposed that they hall point to this book and even though is one of the sadness of the book series i guess the next want is going to be sad but is going to have a happy ending also i want it Georgina to say something to her friend Maddie but is was also good she didn't.
also in this book i supposed that why it took some time to come out but breaking a character past i don't think is not easy and specially one like Georgina that has some much past and also so much love that been love to her, and that make Georgina as a character a very good one even though she has her mistake like everyone but i think been a been that has live some much those mistake at the end would break you once you have to live them one more time.

Succubus Shadows is a very sexy and romantic and tragic story that would keep the reader reading until the end.

Have fun and keep Reading
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twice as hot by Gena Showalter

How you plan a wedding when the groom don't remember you. to top that his ex-wife is trying to win him back and the person that took his memories is trying to win you.

reading this book my good i so love this story i though the first book was good but this one is just wow i can say anything else is really good book.
like is so different and at the same time so possible like vampire and werewolf are like born or something in here experiment is so possible that after reading the book i was thinking that what happened to Belle in the book can really happen but i supposed it would be different.
in here she is so no controlling her abilities and to top that she is getting marry but her groom lost his memory in a mission now he doesn't know her and she have to fight to get his love live back and his ex is after him to get him back.
and the person that stole Rome memory is in love with or heroin (Belle). so when she start beginning to wonder if she is mean to be with Rome, like his think so.
i think when Gena write the book she only want it to keep it in one book but them she though of the other side and she think is really belle was mean to be with Rome is just to see if a happy ending is store for them but nothing is sure in the end i love the book is so good is romantic funny and exiting Gena Showalter is a great writer and make her book so sexy and romantic that you can help the feel that you want that love even if it mean to have power and be always in constant danger it would be worth to fight but be with that person that comply you.
don't miss this book and her other series i promise you love it =]

keep reading and have fun
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

When the Called is make you have to follow.

Okay reading the Moon Called by Patricia Briggs i think it miss something but is just because i always like the romance in book but eventually it happen, which i like a lot.
the book is a really good book eventhoug i want it much more but is a good first book, like i say before most of the first book are opening to a series and to the character to start to develop so in here we have the that is just that a opening to a Werewolf world eventhough or heroin is not a Werewolf herself she is something else she is a Coyote (lol) which i think is funny but in the same different .
when i actully found about this series i wasn't very short if i was going to enjoy so i didn't do much to put the info of it but after i notice that i was enjoy the book and that i like it a lot, and that it wasn't something like out of this world but actually something kind of true.
and i like it is different and is not trying so hard to be good is just good.
is a very come and get me tale and if you have the chance you have to give it a try because you never know how much you going to like a book.
i say this because it has happend to me before i put a book on hold because i'm sace i not going to like it and end up in love with it. i have this series for sometime now and now i think it was really dumn of me to do so but i like it and Patricia briggs so far has done a great job keeping the suppens in Mercy ( the heroin name) love life but i'm sure she is going to get herself in a lot of trouble once more in the next book.
most people now i love moslty vampire book and adult series but i have to say so far this series have my approbal and i hope people get to see it as i did.

Have fun keep reading
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Veil of Shadow by Jennifer Armintrout

Old God...New Betrayals

Reading the last book or at least the last book on the series ( Ligtworld/Darkworld) so far is was a very fun book to read. i have to say it was different of the second book even though i didn't like the second book as much as the 1 and 3 the second book was important in so many level to make this final character come true.
i like reading this book because the main character is fighting the lost she of those how love her and the only home that she new of.
i think what i start this series i like it because it teach us some much about or self that we don't know.
in here they us another race completely but in true be told some be live that color, religion, and such make a person different from other and that is so no true because we are all equal in one way on another.
this last book is so much about the love and the once that search only power without caring what they have to do to get that.
i really love the book is was a very good end to a story that have a great beginning and a very good plot as well. the character have a very out there personality when it come to loyalty and to honor and i reading the books.
what make this book different is that the author never let you know what is going to happen but she does you just have to paid a Lot attention to everything.
if you get the chance to check this series don't miss out is a good book to read and is definitely something different from other book.
Jennifer make sure of that to let the reader in new world that she created for the reader and let you in a adventure that the end would change and you can actually choice for them in your on way.
really hope you guys get the chance to read it and see that this book is not only to entertain but to teach as well.
blog by ECARODIAZ =]

Monday, April 12, 2010

Child of Darkness by Jennifer Armintrout

When she was born all that would come was there salvation.

when reading this book i was a little shock that was not as good as the first i suppost, i did love the end but is was a little low to get there and all but well things are like that i suppost when the first book was the opening to the story this was the opening as well for the main story.
the book is very dark and misterios and it have a some action and it show treason and corage because you can do something because you think is the best thing to do but if thing don't go the way you think you can either let them kill you or die figthing.

child of darkness is just a opening of Cerridwen dauther of ayla and Malachi, but one thing this book has that i quite like is the dishonesty and how they try to keep her safe when what they really should have teach her something else, but them again this book it have there on apiling to it.
and in here the main character or one of them find that even though her mother was not the best she have her motives to do the things she did and that what really keep her safe.

i like the first book much better i have to say but maybe the next book is good as the first one.

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E.carodiaz post of the day

hey guys this post is going to let you know that i would have post more but most of my pass post are in myspace page and that i would post now here and there to keep you on the news of book i have read the book i would post if you want anything just ask have fun

The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter

He is the keeper of Doubt and his entire world’s about to be rocked.
Gwen, an immortal herself, always thought she’d fall for a kind human who would’t rouse her darker side.

the Lords of the underworld is complete have a little of everything, i do love the book series is roller coaster from beginning to end.
reading this series make me love this little demon the more.
is a very sexy, romantic and exotic tale that they have and they all have something new and different. what i like the most is that they always fight love because they want only to protect her but they learn that the best way to protect them is to love them. i love the books is so good.

now in this book we learned that someone is after Aeron the keeper of Wrath and his little demon Legion is scare of this new person i can wait to read that book. let see what love can do to him and i can wait to see what is going to happen to Paris the keeper of Promiscuity.

The Darkest Pleasure by Gena Showalter

He can bear any pain but the thought of losing her…

Reyes, is keeper of Pain, and only find pleasure in pain... untol he meet Danika, but she is on the run.
Auron the keeper of Warth is after her and her family.
when reading the Darkest Pleasure and kiss, they give you and inside of other Lords. in this case Paris Keeper of Promiscuity, i hope in the on coming book he finally find happies, but we have to wait. evethou we don't get to see much of this love story we know is there because Paris is doing everything in his power to have aging a human hunter Sienna which he lose but still crave like nothing else.

i love this series the lord of the underworld is a very adictive series that take pleasure to another level and love have no way to be stop.
know that the lord have new aventure to come i can wait to get to see them on the next book.
Gena Showalter book have prove to be Wicked, and hilariously funny…sure to please and pleasure the most demand reader

The Darkest Kiss by Gena Showalter

He is ultimate Darkness - and all consuming desire.

Lucian is the keeper of Death and Anya is (minor) Goddess of Anarchy.
he desire anya, and she desire him. but they are in a treassure hunter looking for pandora box the only thing that can capture there demons and kill there keepers.

Reading the 2nd book on The Lords of Underworld i found myself more in love with the plot and the story line is a very sexy and romantic story but no only that is a no stop actio as well, you find yourself in love with this demons and there keepers an you see how there story can make you cry and see the sufering.

the first book is just the opening of the series but when you get to read more of of the series you can stop reading Lucian is a very sexy and yet mark person, losing love and making himself a monstert so no woman come close to him so he doesn't have to love again.

and them you have Anya a very free spirit that love her freedon more that anything else and also she is curse.

this two different but yet similar have to fight there atracion a death tread from lucian to anya, and a very desire that what to take over both of them.

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

An immortal warrior cursed to die every night, only to awaken the next morning knowing he has to die again. A mortal woman with a power beyond imagining

he is the keeper of Violence and she well hear voice of the past.
apart they were nothing, together there have all.

there is avery romatic and exotic tale to be told and gena is really good at what she does, she take the reader to this new world and let no only the reader become in love with her character.

the lords of underwords series promise to be a very pasion it and sexy tale, i give her 5 start just for been different and make her tale something different in all the way.

this is a most read book and i promese that you are going to love it, i most recomend to start with the first of the book is not as long as the other but is the beginning of all and let you get a pick of what is to come.

and doing things different because each book is the tale of someone different so i would be posting a lot and one for each of the book would see how i like this new way.

The Darkest Fire by Gena Showalter

He is the guardian of hell, more monster than man.

She is the goddess of oppression, more angel than woman.

together they would fight and find that love is the strongest of weapon.

well i'm doing things different with this series because is very different from the other in here the main character change and new one become the main character of the 6 demons. so will se how this goes.
okay i like the book is adult book but there really good this one is a little to fast and all but is really good and you will enjoy i think this book was the opening of the series to kind of let you know what is to come. so lest see what happend on the other book the next book is

The Darkest Night

Stray by Rachel Vincent

The Werecat are out to get you..

Okay i know i say was doing this only for the Lords of the underworld series by many reason but them i think of doing this for at least the first book in each story because there is some much thing to be say and if i wait to i finish i would probably no tell you much about the story line and other things that are mostly part of the first book as the opening of the tale.

okay so reading Stray by Rachel Vincent. i have to say i was hoping for just a little more is not bad but is not as good either, until the part that she is taken the book is a little boring and they get sme action by her looking on ways to free herself.

in this book we see of main character Faythe trying to figure out were she want to be in the Pride ( the comunity of werecats) and the human world. bu she is taken fron her house and she see herself fighing for a way out and you see how much she change by what she see and her desiction that she make.

the book as i say is not bad is just my opinion but i going to be saying this a lot because i don't want people to make any desition in wether not to read a book just because of want i say just tell my opining on the book so people can have a idea of what the book is bout. and th eidea of the book is not that bad i may say i like it. i like it because is not werewolf and the best think is you see a new world that is lkind of fun and different. like most animals in this series you see that most of the character are very much keeping there territory and repecting such acts. i like the idea a lot but i think the book just gat me on the end. would see how the second book goes.

Have fun and keep reading


this two book are really good i guess i like the 1st one because is no only the opening but is the second part to understan what she really is, and she actually meet a guy Nash the most popular but he also has a secrect of his own.

in the second book i have to say i like it but i like more iss the end the last part i don't know i like how it end and i didn't like much didn't get why she want it to save those soul to start with , and all that i mean i get it better if is was someone she used to know or something but well i can say that and the end didn't everything came out right.

this series is different and Rachel vincent like to play with everything out there i suppost a good think and she is very creative and hope you read her work because she has a little of everything and is fun and something totally different.

have fun

My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent

okay reading this book i was little confuse because i read the 1st book on the series this is the biggining or the opening to it.
i like it i think is cool and i think in a future book what happen here is coming back to her, no now but soon.

the book open telling the reader that she just your normal teen but then again something else happens she has PANIC ATTACKS or that is what she think anyways but something else is there she she see shadows and she knows that, that person is going to die.

the book is good and for a very short version is the opening of why she is so scare of been crazy on the second book.

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout

Avoid sunlight, Drink blood, hate yourself forever. WELCOME TO IMMORTALITY
okay i have to say i really like adult book, i guess is because there is not really pretty up the words and they say what they actually feel no something like i hate you the saty F*** you and that make it more easy to belive and suppose.

well reading this book i like it a lot and guess if i was in her position i probably would be thinking that Cyrous could be good as well but then is also true that you make your on path no one can take your own freedon they can manipulate you but that is something that can happen to anyone.

i really love this book and i have a feeling that i going to like a lot the series. the book was dark and sexy, very miisterious because or main character had some secrets to tell and to see the way some of them where and why is kind of make you thing that someone is how it is because of what they see of what the past did to them.

i truly love it and i have to say i did love it becuse i finish it in one day and half. i really do recomend to read it and have fun with it.

i know this is not my best blog but is late and i don't think tomorrow i could be aveble to write so i do it today.

have fun and if you have any question yous ask away.

Death's Excellent Vacation

Fantasy anthology, releasing August 3rd, 2010

this is anthology - short story featuring Cat and Bones from
Night World series

New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Katie MacAlister, Jeaniene Frost-plus Lilith Saintcrow, Jeff Abbott, and more-send postcards from the edge of the paranormal world to fans who devoured Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns.
With an all-new Sookie Stackhouse story and twelve other original tales, editors Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner bring together a stellar collection of tour guides who offer vacations that are frightening, funny, and touching for the fanged, the furry, the demonic, and the grotesque. Learn why it really can be an endless summer-for immortals.
Jeaniene’s short story, One For the Money, will feature Cat and Bones. The story is set after the events of Destined For an Early Grave in the Night Huntress series.

Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout

An unimagined destiny.....An undeniable Passion

okay this is the first book on the series Lightword/Darkworl i have to say is quite different and i don't know in a wear wait i like it and actually enjoy it.

like in here for example the heroin never is pregnan or is having a child but in here wow it happen and i actually like the strong character and equal in compassion ( some no all) have.
the idea is simple all the magical creatures are send underground and human live above.
this is simple a war that make the magical creatures to go underground and live the upworld for the human that did not aprobe of any magic, so those that are not human have to live there.
so you have the lightworld were faries, dragon and some other creatures live and the darkworld were angel, demon, vampires and other thing live as well. both world are different were one is rule the other is a no law world were the light world do not acept anything that is not farie the darkworld acepte anything is a good idea i suppost. this author is not you commun author that would write something just to write and all that i think she really like to deliver and give her imagination a new turn.
i suppost i didn't think that the book it would be any good but i was wrong and i like it it have her touch and also something new i suppost you can call it that.

is a very good book in my opinion but i suppost not everyone would think the same of it is a book that if you don't like anything that doesn't have vampires as the main focus you would not find the book so much good but i guess is good because of the idea and the meaning that for me is that or world is always asking for more and never really giving anything back.

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The Foret of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

next book coming March 09 2010

The Sisterhood always knows best.
The Guardians will protect and serve.
The Unconsecrated will never relent.

this is the only true Mary knows, there rules and that it only what matter, but her has a dream to see the ocean and she would do anything to get there.

well reading the book was something different, i suppost normaly there is a happyending or at least a close to it. but in here is somehting the completed book is something different. i like it and i think was nice to see something so different make it.

is Fresh and riveting reading the book.

Just new here

Okay i'm new in here but i will be posting very much contatly and i would talk about book i read i let you know date and thigs like that i hope you like it love Fantasy book by e.carodiaz