Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger


imagen that you could see what people think and are, just imagen people think that you are crazy when you are not and to top that you resive notes for someone that you are not and not only that you mom have been keeping it from you.what would happen if you could see lies when they tell you could no be scare that is what is happeing to Beth (Elizabeth Ray Michaels). but no onl that they people that you trues the most are using you and lying as well, your bestfriend is also jelous of you becaue the brother of the persone she is in love just kiss her but not only there conection become something more that just that kiss, something bigger happen between the two of them.and your mother said that your crazy and that she is doing it PROTECT YOU, but from what.after a accident she end do in a psychiatric institute and found out she is not crazy that they someone that send her the notes (7RI) know what is happening to her.and she start her true journey.i love the book is really good i actually read the 328 page in one day is that good, you can not stop reading and Jessica bring something new to the table, but only bad thing is i don't think and sequence for the book. but you can always hope.this is a journey of magic, mistery, adveture. and the intricacies of relationships and love.

have fun and keep reading
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