Sunday, April 11, 2010


this two book are really good i guess i like the 1st one because is no only the opening but is the second part to understan what she really is, and she actually meet a guy Nash the most popular but he also has a secrect of his own.

in the second book i have to say i like it but i like more iss the end the last part i don't know i like how it end and i didn't like much didn't get why she want it to save those soul to start with , and all that i mean i get it better if is was someone she used to know or something but well i can say that and the end didn't everything came out right.

this series is different and Rachel vincent like to play with everything out there i suppost a good think and she is very creative and hope you read her work because she has a little of everything and is fun and something totally different.

have fun

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