Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Veil of Shadow by Jennifer Armintrout

Old God...New Betrayals

Reading the last book or at least the last book on the series ( Ligtworld/Darkworld) so far is was a very fun book to read. i have to say it was different of the second book even though i didn't like the second book as much as the 1 and 3 the second book was important in so many level to make this final character come true.
i like reading this book because the main character is fighting the lost she of those how love her and the only home that she new of.
i think what i start this series i like it because it teach us some much about or self that we don't know.
in here they us another race completely but in true be told some be live that color, religion, and such make a person different from other and that is so no true because we are all equal in one way on another.
this last book is so much about the love and the once that search only power without caring what they have to do to get that.
i really love the book is was a very good end to a story that have a great beginning and a very good plot as well. the character have a very out there personality when it come to loyalty and to honor and i reading the books.
what make this book different is that the author never let you know what is going to happen but she does you just have to paid a Lot attention to everything.
if you get the chance to check this series don't miss out is a good book to read and is definitely something different from other book.
Jennifer make sure of that to let the reader in new world that she created for the reader and let you in a adventure that the end would change and you can actually choice for them in your on way.
really hope you guys get the chance to read it and see that this book is not only to entertain but to teach as well.
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