Friday, April 30, 2010

Try Me by Parker Blue

Love, Betrayal, Vampire , Demos, and a Mystery... How much can you ask for??
it took long enough for Parker Blue to come with the next on a Demon underground novel, the first book ( BITE ME ) was so good and have everything but a second book and know it has, i love this series it have everything i like and the main character can kick some butt but is clueless when it come to love or even men.
know that she is getting to learned to control Lola ( she call her demon so) with the help of the sexy Shade ( a shadow demon) and trying to find the Encyclopedia Magicka that some stole and trying to avoid a war between Vampire, Demon and humans. plus learning that her love life have to be on hold because she need to make a decision keep what make her- her or give all away and be something new and unknown.
and let no forget Dan her sexy Partner and now EX-boyfriend is giving her the down, after she kill her ex, and saving his life, and her family.
with this book we get to know even more about the character even though Parker Blue just change her love interest,which is good with me they need to put her with someone that would like her and Lola and not be scare of been under her control and would help her.
Dan can be the first men she has feeling for but i think this all is going to change in the 3 book is going to happen something i think, because she is now with Shade the second men but first to love everything about her.
still the temptation is there for her to lose herself with either men but let see what is to come as Parker Blue say he is learning what is going to happen as the same time as we do.
i just hope the next doesn't take as long as the second book at least to come next year it would be good.
have fun and keep reading
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