Thursday, April 22, 2010

PLaying with fire by Gena Showalter

Everything start with a Grande mocha latte.

when a man in a lab coat enter belle work asking for help because some is going to kill him, him disapear after Belle call the police but he actually live hr a little gift so she can remenber him.after she finish the call she is out finding herself in from of some agents that are asking some question.

after like look like a crazy day she is in a interview but she actually felling SICK and know that she is not getting that job now.

after getting home and felling like she is going to die a person a stranger a very sexy stranger is there to kill her but he actually doesn't do it.the story show you a very human part of the book where crazy thngs can happen to anyone, no belle is a totaly freak she have control over the 4 elements, and they are very difficult to control.

Have Fun and keep reading

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