Sunday, April 11, 2010

Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout

An unimagined destiny.....An undeniable Passion

okay this is the first book on the series Lightword/Darkworl i have to say is quite different and i don't know in a wear wait i like it and actually enjoy it.

like in here for example the heroin never is pregnan or is having a child but in here wow it happen and i actually like the strong character and equal in compassion ( some no all) have.
the idea is simple all the magical creatures are send underground and human live above.
this is simple a war that make the magical creatures to go underground and live the upworld for the human that did not aprobe of any magic, so those that are not human have to live there.
so you have the lightworld were faries, dragon and some other creatures live and the darkworld were angel, demon, vampires and other thing live as well. both world are different were one is rule the other is a no law world were the light world do not acept anything that is not farie the darkworld acepte anything is a good idea i suppost. this author is not you commun author that would write something just to write and all that i think she really like to deliver and give her imagination a new turn.
i suppost i didn't think that the book it would be any good but i was wrong and i like it it have her touch and also something new i suppost you can call it that.

is a very good book in my opinion but i suppost not everyone would think the same of it is a book that if you don't like anything that doesn't have vampires as the main focus you would not find the book so much good but i guess is good because of the idea and the meaning that for me is that or world is always asking for more and never really giving anything back.

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