Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once a witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Fire in the East and Water for the South; Air for the North and Earth in the West. All of these now Blood does bind.

story that next to comtinued, is in need of a sequel. the book start very slow and in time took me some time to understand what was happening but i guess that is more my foult because i at distrated. the book is really follow the story of a yought witch that never had any talent like everyone around her, she was in a world that everyone had a special talent that she didn't have, but the worst part is that she was suppost to be one of the most powerful witch of her family. i like the book is no that romantic like most of the book are and it has a lot of action but is nice to see that this author want it to make the reader see how or main character was and why she act like she act.i don't know if the book would have a sequel because i have prove wrong in the pass, but if it does i would check it out but i do hope if a second book is to come that the relationship between the two main character progres to the fullest love.

have fun and keep reading

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