Monday, May 31, 2010

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers

A Prophecy says, she'll save the world. but first she'll have to survive high school.
for the second book on the series i think or main character is actually growing and that is really important to make this plot work and i like this book a little better that the first one.
in here she is a little more open mind and even though this book start with someone else as her love interest i think it work better for her to have someone with power and can understand more things that she does make perfect sense i supposed it could have be nice that his former lover say to her why he leave her but them again she would be all he would be back but at least she would look like a total Bitch by been with 2 boys a the same time.
but all is for the best, and now half-demon BOYFRIEND and she has more in her plate this time, is finding out many things and i think when she get to know her mother pass many things that she would never though possible would happen and in my case ( her mother is one of the bad guys or something) lol i hope to get it right.
the second book is most likely for people to like because is more interesting and hello her boyfriend been a half-demon make it much easier or better to like it.
and because junior could never do many things to save her.
have fun and keep reading
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hearts of Darkness by Gena Showalter

Angel and Harpys are mortal enemy but this two bring out the best in each other.
this book is a short story with other authors of course for the series the Lords of the Underworld.
in here or main character is Bianka ( Gwen sister, wife of keeper of doubt) and a Angel Tysander ( mentor of Olivia wife of keeper of Wrath)
so in here your common lords world is not really much what happen but still some of the character appear and is funny because oil- wrestle have a new meaning for Paris ( keeper of Promiscuity) now but over all is a very short story and is one of those love like the other but in here make sense that he doesn't want her he is a angel all that is good and his job is to kill demons and she is a harpy no a demon but no all that nice either she is actually descendant of Lucifer themselves.
so here the thing been so different they actually would do anything for each other in other book they have to get there but in here is so funny that i don't know what to say it was faster that a book and was short in story line but Gena didn't let that keep what make her book hers out.
it was funny, romantic, passionated, possessive,in your face, and mostly letting two different people get together and also you learned just a little about Olivia before she fall to be with Aeron.
and it actually her words that let Lysander to see what was in from of him all this time.
have fun keep reading
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter

He is the keeper of Wrath, The immortal warrior.
she is a Angel send to kill him. but what happened when she chose not to.

OMG i love it i think so far in the Lord of the Underworld this is so far the best.
Gena Showalter really did out do herself with this one, i always new her story where good but this one i love it. so much love sacrifice and i don't i think was to much for my little heart i want a Lord for myself now.

Aeron i think is want of the most loyal of the Lord also he is the one that would do anything to save those he love and doesn't matter what he has to do he do it. of course he also have the need to kill but that is only his demon.
now this angel came to his life Olivia his beautiful Olivia and like the other he would do anything to try to avoid be with the woman and to protect her for there demon but they don't want no else close to her and is just plain funny see them the only one that give himself without much of a though was Maddox ( keeper of violence ) to his wife and future mother, and we find out about her baby but them are surprise of her pregnancy because i wasn't they were like rabbits a never ending reproduction lol.
but hey that what make them so much fun and lovable i don't know if demon would like this i mean they are demon posses and they been living with this curse for far to long but them they already pay the prise of there action by feeling guilt for of the things there done, even there demon have learned to live with that.
of course in this book or main character have to over come to many battles as first she is a angel the she fall, find her way back to Aeron and actually seduced him which by the way i find very much funny because as you may think angels are pure and all that is love and good. and she wanting more that so is something i didn't see coming but them she fall to be with Aeron in the first place and i think if the feeling is pure why not, if the feeling is not only passion is something more them i think is okay that it happen.
and them Aeron is so mad at her at first them she find himself looking a way to be close to her them you her little demon friend making a bargain that make thing even more difficult so wow things for him to get crazy because he didn't want a girlfriend find himself having 2.
now other than that they discover there afterlife and that the box have more power that only to capture the demon in it, also that i think of friend Paris ( keeper of Promiscuity ) is to find his happens once more and or Gideo ( keeper of lie ) to find more that he was barging for.
and not forget Willian ( keeper of nothing but equal as promiscuity as Paris ) Will find himself in a very difficult situation once more.
after all her book let you in so many character that you never know what do with them and who in the story come you want to read next also i can wait for Stridder ( keeper of defeat ) when he find his love and the other as well.

have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moonstone by Marilee Brothers

A Prophecy says... she'll save the World.
bu first she haves to survive High School.

first I'm a little disappointed with the book, i was hoping for something else but it wasn't like that i supposed.
is not that i didn't like it is that i end up with sooooo many questions that you have to read book two to understand i supposed that may be the author idea i don't know.
the plot of the book a common girl with a mark of a start in her hand end up been the keeper of this prophecy that is to save the world and all that. a moonstone that well i we find out let you read minds and she can move things with her mind. other than that you have no much out of that i think the main character should have been a 16 years old or 17 to make her mature enough to be responsible for all that is to come and her father okay never been there for her and things she should have to be a little be more no predictable i think.
her love interest start been someone and end up been someone else, she is to innocent and good because i think the reader saw before her how the bad guy was or at least the one helping and things as so.
i think that she as a character let everyone know about what she is to so and she is really not good keeping a secret i don't i think for this plot such a strong plot like this one she need it to be a little older and more secure of what she did not be looking for things she didn't need to be doing, of course she is very compassionate and that is a good think but she been to naive i don't think is the book idea.
i think this book many people would love and find interesting because the idea is a really good one is just need a little of work and to make the reader become part of the story, maybe the second book has more to it and i think maybe that is to come, that normally happens but i don't know, i think the confidence of the author would grow with each book and when more of her book come you going to believe many of the things in the story are true and that would make it a really out there series love the plot love the idea think the character would need a little work let see for what i saw on the description of the next book i think is going to be more out there.
i can only hope and wait.
have fun and keep reading
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hourglass by Claudia Gray

All we could do now was wait for dawn.

okay so i really don't know what to say or think about this series and this book on particular so, in previews book we learned about Bianca or main character and heroin that she is a born vampire but how is that done is with the help or ghost ( not saying the other words because i just don't remember how to spell it and is just wear).
so she has only to option to die or die wow that is something write lol.
so in this book we find that she scape the Evernight Academy and she is now stock with the Black cross and hiding her true identity, and when a attack in the Black Cross cell and they capture her friend Balthazar she is force to come out and be in the run once again and know she has the Evernight after her, the black cross, the ghost yet what is to come is not something even her can do something what would happen for this to lover is something that would let many in shock and out of words and i say i want to read the next book because the end is so not what i expect from them that i really don't know what the next book is going to talk about but something i have very much right they may be together for ever but no like they want it to start with.
i like it you know it was good is just that things happen so far that i never see some of the things to happen and i think the 4 book is going to be for a perfect end.

have fun and keep reading
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blood Cross by Faith Hunter

Beast and i, are one and the same.....
when Vamp hunter Jane Yellowrock kill the son of vampire master of the city of New Orleans Leonard Pellissier, he is out to get her.
and the only thing keeping her a live was that she have a contract to kill a rouge vamp that is making new vamps and letting them go, but what she discover is a little more that they pay her for.
i not going to say i didn't like the book because it would be a lie, i like it, it was good and have it moments i supposed. but like i say it was missing the romance even though the bring a little of it, she have to chose from 3 guys ( human, Vampire , and blood servant) the Human the cop- undercover but not anymore Rick also know as the Joe and very sexy and player but human.
the vampire the city master out to get her now Leo i don't think is a opinion anymore but still you never know.
and the blood servant George better know as Bruiser but a very dangerous man to be with, his loyalty can been taste and she doesn't like to share.
so it the end everything is good for or heroin but yeah is a cool book but it doesn't need to keep a balance as need Love, action and suspense. so so far she has the action part perfectly the suspense is a little in the work because is not that is not good is just the main character never get thing until is to late but she get a lot of question and some answer. and in the love part well it could always be more of it there is not like she has to be always kicking butt and never doing the bad thing but yet maybe this book work perfectly just like that and people like it as so.
it just my opinion book need a little of the 3 to make it happen and here i think the action is the best on the series.
also i want her to be with Leo i think he is a very powerful man and she is a very powerful woman that need someone that can take her down and also can make her feel better but just know in the story Leo is not in her best wish list so maybe for the oncoming book it would come to something between the two.
have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Salvation has a price.....
after Rose adventure to seek Dimitri and kill him was not accomplish but she did find out a way to bring back the Strigoi, back to life she have to do the unimaginable to get to the source even if that mean to break free Victor Dashkov how abduct Lissa and torture her for her to heal him of his sickness ( with the spirit when no one new about it, making her daugther a Strigoi in the proses).
and with Dimitri waiting to attack at any giving moment thing can get complicated really fast.
now Rose would have to make a choice of what she want and what she need to do.
so even thou in other book we have less thing going on, in her we have Dimitri trying to kill Rose after she refuse to become one of the undead (Strigoi) when she was in Siberia,Russia and now he is after her to make sure she is dead and making sure he does so.
them we have her trying to break Victor Dashkov free from the prison that have been keeping him away from Lissa but no only so, they were they one to put him there.which make thing more crazy for them, so she would risk anything to get the answer of his Half-Brother ( Robert ) a crazy man that disappear, so she can find out if the legend of him bringing back a Strigoi form the dead of the undead for that matter is possible and true.
and she also have to maker her friend help her into this crazy situation knowing that, that can mean treason and the dead of her friends ( only because they love her and know otherwise she would do everything alone and after what happen in Siberia and her suffering alone the way they want to be there for her because she would have do as much for them).
my god i have no words to describe the shock and the so many other emotion this give to me, the sorrow, the anger, the love, all of the things she is felling and not only that is just wow to be part of this crazy new world and i sooooooooo love the story, and i think Richelle Mead did not disappoint her reader.
this is the last before the last book a sure piece of art a masterpiece, it have everything to make this book be so emotional and to make it so intrigue. also to make the reader more the unsure about what is going to happen but still i think in here love will conquer all, and maybe she is going to end with Dimitri after all or maybe not that still the question and with the new information about Lissa's Father pass we can always wait to see the things that are going to happened are to be a little more crazy that usual form them.
now the end as i hear was going to be a shocking thing ( for this book ) well it was!!! i still in shock and no in a bad way but still i think we going to see more about Abe and more about the other as well, but i can tell you why that would be mean lol.
i love the book was all i hope it would be and more and i have high hope that Last Sacrifice would be more that this bigger better and more emotion as going to be involve and i know this going to be even better that twilight finally.
i think is going to be that big. ( don't get me wrong big Twilight fan) but i definitely think this series. the end is going to so big is going to let many people sad because it end and happy because it happen.
have fun keep reading
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

She has a secret but she doesn't remember much.......
well if you haven meet a vampire killer with a attitude you haven't meet Jane Yellowrock.
well so this is the first in the series. and i have to see and very happy with the book.
it different and i say it really is as, a good different action flirt and the run for your life.
in this book we have or main character living a life where part of her past is not existed.
she has two life inside her beast and herself and when you are reading you sometimes get a little confused because every time she shift to a different for she becomes the secondary but the one she used the most is the beast and you see that both of them actually talk and you see that and i think that is a good thing when you figure out.
know she is a lot of trouble with beast wanting a mate and she well not the time she is mostly trying to keep beast on control with such much good looking guys and vamps in her life.
even though she is hunting a rouge that is actually helping her to start remembering things about her life and how she become beast but sometimes it get the reader bored but the book is giod to read i think is missing the love part for or main character but we see how she is trying to escape from them and how some of them are there to stay and make sure she give in.
now in the second book i know things are going to start getting messy and she is going to have to see what to do in love and work and well vamp but i can say why because that would take away the fun of all her finding on this book.
i have to read the second book now. =]
have fun keep reading
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Friday, May 14, 2010

Captivate by Carrie Jones

Pixie Tip
If you suspect someone is an evil pixie do not invite them into your house to hang. Cool pixies? Totally different.
Remember: a pixie can’t come in your house unless invited.

Hero: you might want to be a hero if and when you and your friends are attacked by pixies. Remember, though, that heroes often die.
when i start this series it was i don't know just black and white, bad and good, evil or good. is just there evil and that it.
with the second book we get to see they are not all evil there is always a choice they may have the feeling to do so but they can always try not to.
i mean everyone want to kill someone but is up to that person to do so or better what they think is good or bad.
i like the second book better that the first book and after see all the things that she goes to make her decision, because she doesn't think no one deserve death and that we are not to chose so. and see that she learn the hard way that no always what you think and sometimes you need to do something that may see wrong but is the right think to do.
in here Carrie Jones give the reader a more open view of good and bad and i think the next book to come are going to be very intense because of the War is to come and the love one that are to come around with some of the decisions that they make in order to safe those they love.
let see what Carrie Jones is going to bring in her next book.
Have Fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine

Once you are out you wont want to go back..........
I like reading the Morganville Vampires series is fun.
the character are all complement to each other and the main character is always trying to help and she prove just because you are smart doesn't mean you can do anything for yourself.
in her the story is around all the thing she came to know once she came to Morganville and there secret.
but she also found love and friendship and well the usual vampire but she can always work that out with the help of her friend.
something i like is that she is not your kiss ass girl she is just trying to survive and she does what she need to but she also has a Passion to learned that i think is what in the end would make her a vampire that passion and what make her come to tern with her boss a sometime crazy vamp.
in this book they get to go to Dallas but down the way they actually find a group of sick vamps that Amelie father make so.
i like it and i think that this book is a good book to read if you like action but no something over the top and also that look a lot real more that the other usual book because in here the town is vampire zone not human and make for a very interesting plot.
the next is to come soon and i very happy to see what is to come, mostly because this series is always making you want a little more, also i think is going to be in a couple of book to end or at least to have a very happy ending or a happy ending for now.
the series have a lot to tell but it doesn't tell you all at once and make it easy to read and fun at the same time to go to this new world.
Rachel Caine make it happen in here and very happy that she keep it real and on point without making the reader bored.
Have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shift by Rachel Vincent

Love, betrayal, and her choice???
the 5nd book on the werecats series is just another great book on the series and the adventure of Faythe, and her been the first tabby as a enforcement ( tabby are very important for the werecats), and now she is between two love, and after her brother death things are no looking any better for them all.
after her BIG mistake with Jace her brother best friend thing are to get more complicated that before.
and a war on the come and thunder birds in the lose for revenge is up to Faythe again to save the day if she doesn't die first.
i like reading this series Faythe is a very strong woman that only want it out of her prine because she didn't want to be your normal tabby, but her father having a very different plan for her as to when she came to age to become the Alpha.
in all her adventure Faythe have the help of her brothers and friend and lover.
but now thing are complicated when she can tell Marc her lover that she sleep with Jace for his life but when things get bad and the true is out things are to get bad but i supposed we can all wait for the last book on the series, and all that is to come.
i thing Rachel Vincent keep it real ( without saying that were are real ) make the character see as unique as they are. and if this book was difficult for Faythe and her family i can only wait to see what is going to happen in the last when Malcon and the true come out i can wait to read it.
Rachel Vincent has my vote in this one as to a perfect time for a end.
have fun and keep reading
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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

Necromancer, werewolf, sorcerers, witches, Danger Love what is to miss.

The 3rd book on the series it was not to disappoint, the book fallow or heroin Chloe on her quest to freedom after she is put in a house for kid with mental problem but that is not the true that is a house for kid with extraordinary power because of a experiment to make sure there not a treat to them.
after she escape and Lyli House and them the Edison Group she find herself on the run once more, but whit the help of her Ghostly friend Liz, Dereck, Simon and Tori you know the could do anything.
like i say in the other book she been on the run and this one is not different but good thing is that she is learning how to used her power and how to control the death is you want to give it a name to it.
even though she doesn't want to be like this she has this life and now that there once more on the hand of the Edison group is up to Chloe to help there escape.
on previews book we also learn that the two boys were looking for there father would they found it and this book is full of very surprises on the way i think the next book would actually give you the reader and inside look on some of the other character and with or Chloe finally giving herself to guy she like is not very easy no to know what is to come ( I'm not saying how the guy is).
this series is really good and for a teen book is very entertainment it doesn't have anything that is not for the eyes of kid and yet they learn that you can do many thing when you are in that situation when the only thing is you or them.
also you have to have allies and be very much carefully to how you trues and what you want to do been one of the bad or do good for those around you.

have fun keep reading
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Magic Santaction by Kim Harrison

She is a Black Witch by coincidence not by choice.

When i read the first book on this series it was a slow or at the very least the first book, them everything change and the book start having so much of everything that was difficult to wait for the next book to come out.
so now Rachel has the cove on her back a demon and elf and her ex is back the lying rat (Nick), and her ghost no so ghost now as well Pierce and Al what Rachel for himself.
i never though i would read Al the bad big demon been nice to Rachel even though she is always fighting him, it look to me he care and hell is going to get lose once that happened i don't see him death because he is going to be there for her on the end he still bad don't get me wrong but i do enjoy him as a character because is one of those character that if is gone the book lose some of what is about, and i think what happen between them is really funny.
know other of my fave is Jenks he is a pix a funny at that in this book something change but i think he is going to be back to normal or as normal as it get.
also think are going to change and i can wait for this new change to come out.
Kim Harrison know how to make it happen, with this series she show you all, even though or main character is always on the run, i think that if Rachel is not in danger she would look for it.
action, suspense, romance and demons this series has it all and i can wait to see what is to come on this series because i know is not the last time would see Nick and definitely no the last time of Trent and the on coming new FRIENDSHIP if you want to give it a name.

Have fun Keep reading

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Burned by P.C & Kristin Cast

She is gone..... she is losing herself, he want her back and would die if necessary.......... she have a secret and he doesn't help much, what would she do to keep it so.

My god i think this burned is one of the best book on the series i love it... for the first time we get to see what is really in Kalona mind and what happen when Zoey lose it.
i think the last book was a big shock to me is was so sad to see Heath die and see Zoey lose her soul with guilt and Love and so much that was going on.
what i like about i think is for Stevie Rae to have her moment and to see that is not easy and it look to follow your heart and sometimes the best thing is to let go and fight the consequence of or act.
know that Stevie Rea is one of the High Priestess she have to make some difficult decision for her on life that could change the world or at least help for the change. she keeping so much secret and having to lie to those around her is going to come to collect there payment once is the time.
in this book the used Bull as metaphor to talk about good and evil, but the difference is we always think that because is dark is bad but in here the used the white bull as the bad one because sometimes think can look pure but is what that make it so. and the black bull was full of goodness and that was one of the think that make such a good metaphor for the story line in the book.
love the end i think this is the most sure i see Zoey in the series and all her friends around her as well and i think this book is also Stevie Rae truly coming out, as in the next one i think is going to come to a very hard decision no only on her but for all around her i can wait for the next book to see what is to come.
and very happy to say even thou the take one of the character that were part of the story for start i very happy to see that- that make Zoey grow and i have a feeling Kalona is coming with all he got but Zoey would found the good in all because that is how she works.

Have fun and keep reading
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Omega brig peace to the wolf.

in the Mercy Thompson series we see a werewolf world, in the eyes of a coyote but in here we see the wolf world by a wolf but no any wolf a Omega that is just like a Alpha but she is not dominant but instead peaceful, and brig peace to those around her.
when this book open one of the main character Anna was in another pack, this pack used to abused her. and that what brig Charles and her together in the end as mates.
the different with this series and the other is that this book let you see more about the other character that in Mercy world play a very important role but there is not story of the own. there just there to keep up something at that it.
but in here we see a new face for Bran and some of the new character that came with this new book and many other thing that are very interesting.
this book is very slow to read and took me sometime to do so but i think is mostly because as a opening to a new book or series she is trying to explain something to the reader and that what is happening would see what happen in this next book.

keep reading and have fun.
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