Monday, May 31, 2010

Moon Rise by Marilee Brothers

A Prophecy says, she'll save the world. but first she'll have to survive high school.
for the second book on the series i think or main character is actually growing and that is really important to make this plot work and i like this book a little better that the first one.
in here she is a little more open mind and even though this book start with someone else as her love interest i think it work better for her to have someone with power and can understand more things that she does make perfect sense i supposed it could have be nice that his former lover say to her why he leave her but them again she would be all he would be back but at least she would look like a total Bitch by been with 2 boys a the same time.
but all is for the best, and now half-demon BOYFRIEND and she has more in her plate this time, is finding out many things and i think when she get to know her mother pass many things that she would never though possible would happen and in my case ( her mother is one of the bad guys or something) lol i hope to get it right.
the second book is most likely for people to like because is more interesting and hello her boyfriend been a half-demon make it much easier or better to like it.
and because junior could never do many things to save her.
have fun and keep reading
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