Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moonstone by Marilee Brothers

A Prophecy says... she'll save the World.
bu first she haves to survive High School.

first I'm a little disappointed with the book, i was hoping for something else but it wasn't like that i supposed.
is not that i didn't like it is that i end up with sooooo many questions that you have to read book two to understand i supposed that may be the author idea i don't know.
the plot of the book a common girl with a mark of a start in her hand end up been the keeper of this prophecy that is to save the world and all that. a moonstone that well i we find out let you read minds and she can move things with her mind. other than that you have no much out of that i think the main character should have been a 16 years old or 17 to make her mature enough to be responsible for all that is to come and her father okay never been there for her and things she should have to be a little be more no predictable i think.
her love interest start been someone and end up been someone else, she is to innocent and good because i think the reader saw before her how the bad guy was or at least the one helping and things as so.
i think that she as a character let everyone know about what she is to so and she is really not good keeping a secret i don't i think for this plot such a strong plot like this one she need it to be a little older and more secure of what she did not be looking for things she didn't need to be doing, of course she is very compassionate and that is a good think but she been to naive i don't think is the book idea.
i think this book many people would love and find interesting because the idea is a really good one is just need a little of work and to make the reader become part of the story, maybe the second book has more to it and i think maybe that is to come, that normally happens but i don't know, i think the confidence of the author would grow with each book and when more of her book come you going to believe many of the things in the story are true and that would make it a really out there series love the plot love the idea think the character would need a little work let see for what i saw on the description of the next book i think is going to be more out there.
i can only hope and wait.
have fun and keep reading
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