Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead

Salvation has a price.....
after Rose adventure to seek Dimitri and kill him was not accomplish but she did find out a way to bring back the Strigoi, back to life she have to do the unimaginable to get to the source even if that mean to break free Victor Dashkov how abduct Lissa and torture her for her to heal him of his sickness ( with the spirit when no one new about it, making her daugther a Strigoi in the proses).
and with Dimitri waiting to attack at any giving moment thing can get complicated really fast.
now Rose would have to make a choice of what she want and what she need to do.
so even thou in other book we have less thing going on, in her we have Dimitri trying to kill Rose after she refuse to become one of the undead (Strigoi) when she was in Siberia,Russia and now he is after her to make sure she is dead and making sure he does so.
them we have her trying to break Victor Dashkov free from the prison that have been keeping him away from Lissa but no only so, they were they one to put him there.which make thing more crazy for them, so she would risk anything to get the answer of his Half-Brother ( Robert ) a crazy man that disappear, so she can find out if the legend of him bringing back a Strigoi form the dead of the undead for that matter is possible and true.
and she also have to maker her friend help her into this crazy situation knowing that, that can mean treason and the dead of her friends ( only because they love her and know otherwise she would do everything alone and after what happen in Siberia and her suffering alone the way they want to be there for her because she would have do as much for them).
my god i have no words to describe the shock and the so many other emotion this give to me, the sorrow, the anger, the love, all of the things she is felling and not only that is just wow to be part of this crazy new world and i sooooooooo love the story, and i think Richelle Mead did not disappoint her reader.
this is the last before the last book a sure piece of art a masterpiece, it have everything to make this book be so emotional and to make it so intrigue. also to make the reader more the unsure about what is going to happen but still i think in here love will conquer all, and maybe she is going to end with Dimitri after all or maybe not that still the question and with the new information about Lissa's Father pass we can always wait to see the things that are going to happened are to be a little more crazy that usual form them.
now the end as i hear was going to be a shocking thing ( for this book ) well it was!!! i still in shock and no in a bad way but still i think we going to see more about Abe and more about the other as well, but i can tell you why that would be mean lol.
i love the book was all i hope it would be and more and i have high hope that Last Sacrifice would be more that this bigger better and more emotion as going to be involve and i know this going to be even better that twilight finally.
i think is going to be that big. ( don't get me wrong big Twilight fan) but i definitely think this series. the end is going to so big is going to let many people sad because it end and happy because it happen.
have fun keep reading
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