Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black Magic Santaction by Kim Harrison

She is a Black Witch by coincidence not by choice.

When i read the first book on this series it was a slow or at the very least the first book, them everything change and the book start having so much of everything that was difficult to wait for the next book to come out.
so now Rachel has the cove on her back a demon and elf and her ex is back the lying rat (Nick), and her ghost no so ghost now as well Pierce and Al what Rachel for himself.
i never though i would read Al the bad big demon been nice to Rachel even though she is always fighting him, it look to me he care and hell is going to get lose once that happened i don't see him death because he is going to be there for her on the end he still bad don't get me wrong but i do enjoy him as a character because is one of those character that if is gone the book lose some of what is about, and i think what happen between them is really funny.
know other of my fave is Jenks he is a pix a funny at that in this book something change but i think he is going to be back to normal or as normal as it get.
also think are going to change and i can wait for this new change to come out.
Kim Harrison know how to make it happen, with this series she show you all, even though or main character is always on the run, i think that if Rachel is not in danger she would look for it.
action, suspense, romance and demons this series has it all and i can wait to see what is to come on this series because i know is not the last time would see Nick and definitely no the last time of Trent and the on coming new FRIENDSHIP if you want to give it a name.

Have fun Keep reading

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