Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Burned by P.C & Kristin Cast

She is gone..... she is losing herself, he want her back and would die if necessary.......... she have a secret and he doesn't help much, what would she do to keep it so.

My god i think this burned is one of the best book on the series i love it... for the first time we get to see what is really in Kalona mind and what happen when Zoey lose it.
i think the last book was a big shock to me is was so sad to see Heath die and see Zoey lose her soul with guilt and Love and so much that was going on.
what i like about i think is for Stevie Rae to have her moment and to see that is not easy and it look to follow your heart and sometimes the best thing is to let go and fight the consequence of or act.
know that Stevie Rea is one of the High Priestess she have to make some difficult decision for her on life that could change the world or at least help for the change. she keeping so much secret and having to lie to those around her is going to come to collect there payment once is the time.
in this book the used Bull as metaphor to talk about good and evil, but the difference is we always think that because is dark is bad but in here the used the white bull as the bad one because sometimes think can look pure but is what that make it so. and the black bull was full of goodness and that was one of the think that make such a good metaphor for the story line in the book.
love the end i think this is the most sure i see Zoey in the series and all her friends around her as well and i think this book is also Stevie Rae truly coming out, as in the next one i think is going to come to a very hard decision no only on her but for all around her i can wait for the next book to see what is to come.
and very happy to say even thou the take one of the character that were part of the story for start i very happy to see that- that make Zoey grow and i have a feeling Kalona is coming with all he got but Zoey would found the good in all because that is how she works.

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