Monday, May 30, 2011

Daemon's Mark by Caitlin Kittredge


"When the Dubois investigation turns up an unexpected connection to the Russian mob, Luna finds herself heading down a terrifying path of no return. Soon she is held captive by the very evil she hunts—one that reaches far across the borders of Nocturne City to the seedy brothels of Europe and beyond. Now, with street smarts, seduction, and a sixth-sense for danger as her only weapons, Luna will enlist the help of her former lover Dmitri—who has his own reasons for bringing down this crime ring—and risk it all in the ultimate showdown."
WOW I love this book , can even tell yo how much, is that good.
when i start it this series i always used to say that the book was good but there was not feeling on it, i say that again for some of the other book. BUT not this one, i feel the pain and not only that this book is amazing, there is so much going in a good way, but OMG i still can believe what happen in the end I'm still very sad about it even though there is a happy part to it. this book is still pretty sad and i think i like it the most because for the first time in this series we finally get to know who really is Luna and i actually love this sassy character, we still knew her n the there but in this one we see more of her animal side that in the preview book.
Caitlin Kittredge did not play save in this one she went beyond that and it was so definitely no safe with a plot that could have go either way for her.
i actually love that our author here actually play with many situation that no many know about it, and is sad but i guess the police is doing all they can for it. get

this copy now

have fun and keep reading.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Witch Craft by Caitlin Kitredge


"Someone, or something, is setting fire to the homes of the city’s most infamous non-humans, racking up a body count that’s growing by the day. And strange, otherworldly creatures no one has seen before—selkies trolls and harpies—are causing chaos throughout the city. Racing to stop the carnage, Luna turns to sexy federal agent Will Fagin for help. As they work to uncover the source of the bloodshed, Luna’s attraction for Will deepens. But just as she learns Will’s darkest secret, Nocturne City is thrust into total chaos—leaving Luna and Will in a path of destruction they may not be able to stop…or survive."

Exacting, intoxicating, unique..... are some of the word that describe this book.

when i first start it reading this series i have problem with the lack of felling the book had and the lack o life, you know, she spend more time in the hospital and fighting the bad guy that she had no room for nothing else.

I love this character as a heroin Luna has one of those strong mind that works on her own, very stubborn for her own good but she is a great character, she has a passion that drive her to do the thing to save those around her. she doesn't do well with other around her, because mostly she doesn't know what that feel like. but our Author is working super hard with this series to make sure she learned how to be better and you can say you see her grow as the series progress she is still reckless, and i think that something that it can be help and is a good thing because them you would have a totally new character and not Luna as it is.

I like that she has more than one love interest and to tell you the true i have no idea which one i like best, i think they all need to be in the same room with her and even them i would not be ale to chose.

over all this book is one of my favorite in the series so far, it still growing but when it get to the point is going to be unstoppable.

have fun and keep reading.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second Skin by: Caitlin Kittredge


"When werewolves from Nocturne City’s oldest packs start showing up shot through the head execution-style, police officer Luna Wilder must find out what’s killing them and why…before she becomes the next victim.
Luna traces the killings to a band of shapeshifters made of smoke and shadow who drink the blood of their victims for strength. Believed to exist only in legend, their race is all too real—and now their leader, Lucas Kennuka, is out to wrest Luna’s heart from her beloved Dmitri. To make matters worse, Dmitri is suffering from a mysterious illness brought on by a demon bite, and his condition grows more grave with each passing day. Now Luna must rely on Lucas to defeat an invisible enemy—a serial were-killer bringing death and destruction to all who stand in its path…"

Well when i did my last review i was think of a never after with the main character Dmitri (by the way i love this name so much) now i actually are coming to be great mach for her but hey! i think that after i didn't let myself fall in love with this couple for the start, but i think i just need to keep reading to see what happened.
the book is actually pretty good, one thing though is that is seen that she spend most of her time fighting the bad guys that she never has time for love and those that love her, just it need to be a little more time between her killer and mystery for a little more you know!!!
this book is just like the other very sassy and entertaining and if you like suspense you better get your hand in this one, our heroin is full of it and she is the most fun and smart mouth that i have read in a long time.

go get the copy now

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pure Blood by Caitlin Kittredge


"To make matters worse for Luna, she can’t get wolfishly handsome Dmitri Sandovsky out of her mind. The last time he helped her with a case, Dmitri suffered a demon bite that infected him with a mysterious illness…and now his pack elders have forbidden him from associating with Luna. But she’ll need his help when high-level witches start turning up slaughtered. Because a war is brewing between rival clans of blood witches and caster witches—a magical gang war with the power to burn Nocturne City to the ground."

Okay for book two on the Nocturne City Series, I just only going to say I WAS RIGHT ABOUT IT.
I knew i was going to love book two, more than i did the first one. I love Luna as a main character, she is funky and has a away to herself that make her feel more real by the minute, she is one of the strongest female character that i have read in some time, love that if she going down she is going fighting.
This book was too fast for me but hey!!! I can help myself when i like a book.
reading this book i feel that i get the connection between Dmitri ( love the name) and Luna but if you ask me i don't think is a very strong one, i guess the Author haven't figure out a main character just for her but that would be just me thinking that she need to stay with just one men, also i think that Luna is going to change History in the world that has been created just for her and the like of her.
One think that has no play well just yet with me, is that when i' m reading the emotion that she is supposed to be feeling i actually think it need to be a little more specific or something because even though the story is a winner, i just don't feel the love and that for me suck. but that can just be me, because this one i feel or got more of the emotion that in the previews book but i think when i get to book 5 i wont stop feeling it
This mysterious thriller series that has me for the beginning is better than to watch a show on T.V., this book has nothing to envy any good T.V. show and it has the romance, the action, dead, suspense all in one packet.
and how about the suicidal detective that Luna is, she is a total adrenaline junky and i love it. Caitlin Kittredge is doing for me and she is totally has a winner series in her hands.

don't get my word for it get the book

have fun and keep reading

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge

Welcome to Nocturne City, where werewolves, black magicians, and witches prowl the streets at nigh......

"Among them is Luna Wilder, a tough-as-nails police officer whose job is to keep the peace. As an Insoli werewolf, Luna travels without a pack and must rely on instinct alone. And she’s just been assigned to find the ruthless killer behind a string of ritualistic murders—a killer with ties to an escaped demon found only in legend…until now.
But when she investigates prime suspect Dmitri Sandovsky, she can’t resist his wolfish charms. Pack leader of a dangerous clan of Redbacks, Dimitri sends her animal instincts into overdrive and threatens her fiercely-guarded independence. But Luna and Dimiri will need to rely on each other as they’re plunged into an ancient demon underworld and pitted against an expert black magician with the power to enslave them for eternity…"

For the first book on the Nocturne City series it was not that bad, it was very entertaining and it has lot going on for it, i like the idea and plot it has for it. and the very sassy main character i love the way she handle her self with everything that happen. i only wish i could related a little more of her pain i mean it was there it just was not easy to picture for me.
over all the book is good and i would definitely read the next one because i know is going to be a lot better and is going to become more as the book progress.

Night Life has that unique sense to a new series that is just the beginning of something super fun.
i haven't fall in love with the book just yet, because i know it need a little more time for me, and for the book to work itself out for that to happen.
these is not the first book were a detective is the main character but this one is just lot different and i always like something new.
i can wait to read the next book and see how it work out.

don't get my word for it, get the book

have fun and keep reading

Friday, May 13, 2011

River Marked by Patricia Briggs


"Car mechanic Mercy Thompson has always known there was something different about her, and not just the way she can make a VW engine sit up and beg. Mercy is a shapeshifter, a talent she inherited from her long-gone father. She’s never known any others of her kind. Until now. An evil is stirring in the depths of the Columbia River—one that her father’s people may know something about. And to have any hope of surviving, Mercy and her mate, the Alpha werewolf Adam, will need their help…"

Patricia Brigg is one of those author that you can help but love, her story are not out of these world or anything, but they become very addictive once you start.
the first book is like okay she is good let give her next one a chance and once you read book two the other book is a most to read, that is a big difference from her other series that is base on the same world " Alpha and Omega".
When you read River Marked you know deep down that this book is going to be very emotional, and it is, I think this is the book that really let you see who Mercy is and how she came to be, funny we all know of her father death but we never really know much about him as it is, but hey this book let you see a little more about it and I actually love it.
with this book I actually learned something and that something true for most of Patricia Briggs book I guess is not the true or a lie is just a interpretation in what she is talking about, anyways with this book you see a little of what is the North America India Culture and I find it very interesting the little that the author show and well let you say she used as best fit with her story line.

Also i want to say this what up with Authors making fun of Disney land or using
it in someway, i have been reading many author talking in some way about it, or
just using them for the book.

Anyways out line there just want to say it.... anyways I love this book the past 3 book on this series to be exact has been my favorite on this this novels I just love them, and is fun to read.
one bad thing that I been sad and in not hurry to finish this book is that I have to wait until 2013 to read the next one I guess I have my first book in my wish list for 2013.
I can wait for it and I’m very happy with Patricia Briggs I hope she keep the great job she is doing with this series and maybe she does that too with her other series "ALPHA AND OMEGA" making it more fun to read.

don't let the river Mark you........... but go in the water anyways

have fun and keep reading

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ascension by Caris Roane


"On The Wings of Desire
Alison Wells is no ordinary woman. Born with super-natural powers, she can never make love to a man without putting him in grave danger. But when her special vision reveals a glorious muscled man soaring overhead on might wings, she feels an overwhelming attraction she cannot resist-even as he tells her “I have come for you. Your blood belong to me.”
In the Heat of Passion
Kerrick is a vampire and a warrior who has fought his hunger for a woman’s love for the past two hundred years. As a Guardian of Ascension, he is sworn to protect Alison from the death vamp armies who crave her blood and her power. But Kerrick has cravings of his own-a forbidden longing to open his heart and veins to Alison. To share his blood…satisfy his thirst…and seal their fates forever."

First of all i have to say this is a good book but it has some work that need to be done first.
first what up with vampire with angels wings? i think that our author start think on angels and them put the vampire on it, i guess if was one of the other would have been much better, our just make the world like mortal earth vamps them you have to second earth you immortality in the form of wings or something like that. it sound wear and i guess is a new take on VAMPIRES and ANGELS!!.
another thing were the explanation to this world there is much of it is like you jump along with the main character but she is like everything is okay and nothing is wear, i guess because of her extraordinary abilities is that, but still a little of shock can have good, them she is crying for the whole book is very annoying at times, is like is okay cry when is need it but she is having sex she is crying, she is fighting she is....crying, she finally happy and guess what she does... cry so more is was to much plus she has power which i think would have make her more confident in what she was doing but because she always cry is was really difficult to see why the warrior with fall for her, she need it to be a little stronger she has the personality but every time something happen she would cry.
Also this book is very similar to another story call the Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward novels that are super good, and has a good base but to tell you the true i feel like i was reading J.R. Ward series even thou there totally different story but the plot in some way was the same i guess if i haven't read J.R. Ward book i may not notice that similarity but i did and is not always a good thing.
over all this series has some potential but it need a still a little more work no something drastic but something a little more, to make this book totally different for the brotherhood. is like this Gena Showalter has a book about demon, guardians in someway still the same idea a war the love the everything but what make it difference is how she play with it and is not the same as any other book. the same is with the brotherhood. i think i going to give this story one more try because i have a feeling that the longer the author work with the better is going to become.
i think is not the best first review for this story but the true is this book need work and it would have been a piece of art, because the idea of different dimension is something that i actually things is cool there one and the same world but different dimension, the move the same and all that i like it. not so sure about the vampire/angel combination but it could be worse i guess. if you Can see pass everything else this book could be a very successful series.
over all i think Caris Roane can do a great job with this series if she want to do it.

get your copy

have fun and keep reading

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill


"Times are hard for newly minted vampire Merit. Ever since shapeshifters announced their presence to the world, humans have been rallying against supernaturals--and they're camping outside of Cadogan House with protest signs that could turn to pitchforks at any moment. Inside its doors, things between Merit and her Master, green-eyed heartbreaker Ethan Sullivan are ... tense. But then the mayor of Chicago calls Merit and Ethan to a clandestine meeting and tells them about a violent vamp attack that has left three women missing. His message is simple: get your House in order. Or else.
Merit needs to get to the bottom of this crime, but it doesn't help that she can't tell who's on her side. So she secretly calls in a favor from someone who's tall, dark, and part of underground vamp group that may have some deep intel on the attack. Merit soon finds herself in theheady, dark heart of Chicago's supernatural society--a world full of vampires who seem to ready to fulfill the protesting human's worst fears, and a place where she'll learn that you can't be a vampire without getting a little blood on your hands..."

Okay guys i love this series you guys have no idea how a big fan of Chloe work I'm, with this series i want to give to her other series but i think i want to finish this one first i give my attention to it.
anyways i just have to say i very sad with the event in this book and i really hope Chloe has a backup plan for this because if not i not going to be reading this series no more, she make thing clear and as much as the event in this book are thing that can really happen, i don't want reality for this i want my happy-ever-after. so she has 3 book left to do it and the next one better give clue to it.
i can tell you want happen of course but those that read it probably know and just like me, they cry and they can wait for the book.
the book your usual Merit and Ethan book and just wonderful, she is a great character for a very fascination taste when it comes to food and sport.
i can wait for the next book to come and i want for everyone out there to get to read and find out what happen in this book.

get it now or be aware

have fun and keep reading.