Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Awaken me Darkly by Gena Showalter

There's beauty in HER strength
and Danger in HER desires.
Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter, is not a surprised at all that i like the series, i mostly like all her work. she is really good and make the reader fall in love with the character after only one book that all it takes one book and you hock for like.
I also guess that mostly the HUNTRESS name give away that is going to have some action and some romance and they would do anything in there power to be away for each other at least one of the two anyway.
reading a new Gena Showalter series is not as easy as it look you may no like it you can like all her work but so far i very much like all of what i have read.
for this book she bring to us something out there "ALIENS " something everyone thinks but know actually talk about without sounding like a geek ( and i consider myself one) in the end she give you something to look for.
her Alien Huntress series is very much sexy romantic, have some much action and the main character or heroin my as well call herself kiss-ass, she is very much strong and doesn't care much about what people think her story is something people would related to and in the end is what make her so strong as a character a very dark pass and a very dark future but them it come or sexy man character is all that she would never go for and eve though there is something to them she would not give in until well, she can help herself.
i like her book they are a little similar though but still they make for great work and make the reader want to wait and see how they get together and get them self out there and be together and is really fun and she can make you suffer for it to wait to much or just plain mean and kill someone ( and when you see what she does with that, well you can say you didn't see that one coming).
anyways i really recommend this book and so far all the book i have read of her, she make men and woman equal when it come to war and love.
different background but in the end they all have something in common there is some light waiting for them at the very end of that journeys.
Have fun and keep reading
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dark Flame by Alyson Noel


for this been book 4 is quite good. i really like this one and all her book so far even though i have my problem with Ever because she doubt herself so much is funny how thing turn out.

when i start reading i didn't know what was going to happen but in this book like the first one she actually grows and how she was actually in a battle with herself.

in here we get to know a little about of Jude her 4 hundred year lover but no much and we get to see her best friend come out but in no the best of way.

Ever is going to be in a war with someone she love and the think is that how this book goes, all the hate all the things she does end up been what take everything away from her.

the same problem is there and after all the things they both been trow i think this is just a little piece to what is to come.

i still remember when the book first start that she is so scare to give it in and almost die because of that.

i think when in the first book Drina die and maybe this would give something away maybe no but i think Drina is to come and when she does is to help her no destroy her. now when Ever actually learned that Immortals can be kill too is what bring the actually violence in her and those around her and what make her do crazy thinks that actually end up making there kiss fatal.

now in this book she is crazy for Roman and she can stay away from him, but when she actually learned what he really is she actually get to see more that what he is and that may play on the next book or the last book for that matter i hope to read that and the wait for them to be together is over ad we ( the reader ) get to see that love making because they have become part of us.
Alyson Noel has done a great work in this series and i can wait to read the last 2 book on the series.
have fun and keep reading
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alyson Noel Signing

Alyson Noel Signing
i went to Alyson Noel Signing this Friday en Coral Gabels Miami Fl at Book and Book.
the show start at 8:30 pm and the place was really beutiful and really cool and also before the show start they have some drink so we can wait, for or dear Alyson noel to come.
it was a really fun reading she read Chapter 9 of Dark Flame and answer many of the comun question that we the reader has.
she also talk why she want it to be a author and it was a really fun story she talk lots about it, i guess she was a little been nerves but i think even the reader were and it was fun to actually be there for her.

there were people that came from Daytona Beach and Tampa and other that travel all the way for the Nort ( sorry i forgat where =]) and it was a really fun reading.

after she finish the reading she answer the question as you know but what i like is that she talk to us like friend and it was really fun to talk just there after we make the line to have of book sign and or picture taken the line move really fast and i actually make some friend there as well after that i actually get to meet with her in person and i really glad i went she is a really down to earth person and after she sign and took a picture with me the night was over for me and i have a lot of fun.

well guys have fun and keep reading
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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent


for the 4th book or the 3rd if we good in numbers is not that bad i guess the plot is cool and all but i guess in this book she is out her mind i mean she didn't have to do anything she could have stay quite and do nothing but them she think doing something for some else and risking her life was more important that just playing low.
is nice that she want to say the world but she doesn't have to do it. that one problem with some of the heroin they think if they don't do something to say the world well the world can move on, until they die and them how is going to be there to say it.
anyways in here on main character find that there is a drug call frost that is actually demon breath, and is been sell to human, but the thing is in human is very dangerous it can kill if not make you crazy first.
she also find something that she never though possible and that would break her, more than anything else would have ever done.
after her father and boyfriend are taking to this other world what would she do to say them, and finding out that more that one person is keeping secret for her.
i like Rachel Vincent story they always have in some point to make difficult decision and the abuse of some of them take to get to there.
in this book Kaylee of main character is abuse mentally and in body but she never have anything to say she was not even there or technically her mind was not and find this out is to break you, at least what she care about is about to change now that her boyfriend is acting wear and think are looking pretty crazy right now for her.
the book have a great plot and all i just didn't found the book to entertain until the very end which i think even the hellion love or better yet they get the idea of it and i know this is not the last time we would hear about the Hellion.

have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gone by Lisa McMann

The both choice are Deadly but which one she would choice.
for the last book on the trilogy Gone was good.
i always like Lisa Mcmann book mostly because the idea of walking on people dream and helping them, work thing out.
you know you work thing in your dream and that about the metaphor she using in here that i like you can know a lot from some by looking in there dream.
so i guess the work of the book is not the best but is definitely a great idea to work around, i think what make me like this book is that Lisa Mcmann make to simple no to like, there is no more that what is necessary and the normal thing in teen life but of course she has a " gift " if you can call it so.
in here you have her fall in love with Cabe he as she is come from a history of family abuse in different form ( his father abuse him fiscally and put him on fire before he die) so he has his on problems to work out as well her ( more is a alcoholic, and she those pretty everything) and with her gift is very much very difficult.
in the other book of the series she is working and helping some else but never herself and after she know the consequence of been a dream catcher she doesn't know that she really want that ( be blind and without the used of her hands) she scare but having the ability to go in some dream she can also know how much trouble his boyfriend is with her always remembering him what is going to happen to her is a very strong plot even though the writing is not out there is a very strong and powerful way to let you care for this character that are strong but what make them so is what really is in question.
i really enjoy reading the book is not out there what it come to book but it is good where it counts, and let you think about what would you chose lose you eyes and hand and let your brain stop working is a very difficult question, and in this book is what would she do and we finally get to know the mysterious man that is her father, even though he doesn't play more that what is necessary what he bring to her life in the ability to do thing for herself for once and also see both side of what could happen if you look to be alone with this particular gift and many other thing i think Lissa Mcmann left the book open to someone opinion and if she write a 4 book which i don't think would happen but you never know she actually can.
i think is a good thing read this book you see that everyone have problem other worse that the other but it happen and the only thing you can do is try to work around them and try to get the best out it.
have fun and keep reading
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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Short Second life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.....
the twilight saga was a revolution for the vampire writer even though many other vampire authors were out there but many come out more after the vampires Edward and Bella relation.
so here is the deal so in Eclipse we have a new vampire Bree which i think is a very sad story what happen to her but them again the volturi they have something to hide, that we know in this book so is nice.
i always like Stephanie Meyer like a author i love the twilight saga is a really ( something ) they have this romance and life together that make this book or series so calling to many because make us thing in love for ever and the new love and all that is so romantic of course i think Stephanie Meyer could have make something out there first time without been actually saying but i guess they way she did work as well.
from this story and so sad because we don't get to know what happen to this vampire and why they fight and know that we know is sad and i think Bree is one of the saddest because she could have live only she have chose to go with Fred but them she was worry about Diego the person that she was in love with and is sad that because of all the lies they give them she could see more than that.
even though we all new the end i think i not the only one that though maybe she should have a happy ending or maybe she should have been allow to stay with the Cullen that would have been just the best thing i guess but is sad they didn't and i like the book is short but is actually really good and is not surprise Meyer is good in letting you feel like the character even though she is not putting much of her usual style in here is very much like her to let you know many thing and let you hope for something always, and this book was no different because in the end you think may be Bree found Diego in her after life so there you have it.
Have fun and keep reading
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Death Blows by D. D Barant

In Another dimension she never would now sane for insane.
what to say about this series i guess actually finish because i want it to know the very end so i could not just go to the end and that about it but them i was thinking i should have done just that but i didn't so anyways, for been book 2 in this series i not impress no a bit, is sad but true.
i like the plot, the idea of another dimension i just don't like the character they just to boring they interact with each other but there is no passion no nothing and is sad because it should be something there no only to catch the bad guy i don't know.
there villain are more interesting that they are and that say a lot.
i kind of want to see they heroin Jace to come out and have a romance or something else no just been boring and acting like a robot, that only thing I'M GOING TO SAY THE WORLD ONCE MORE i know most book are like that is just that my god the other at the very least have someone to go to cry or just hug i don't know.
now i have to say i have a favorite character and that Gally how by the way is a were-dog and those nothing but it those have more personality that she does.
i think what i don't like is that the main character is to perfect and that is kind of untrue in any world. but D. D Barant have a really cool plot and idea i can deny the actually work that goes in to it is just that is not that fun read about her heroin Jace, and that is sad maybe it would get better maybe there is people that love the book just the way it is, but in my case i want more of the heroin been more human that just fiction.
for this one they have super heroes as the main idea and death as well and that would be about it right nothing much there but the suspense is really good and what she would do next to get there.
more personality is in need i supposed the only reason i actually finish the book was because of the suspense no the heroin.
hope D. D Barant get a chance to give her a little more human to her and some romance no just one night stand and i guess the book would be really good.
have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dying Bite by D. D Barant

She is from a different dimension, and she is not there to stay.
okay i really don't know what to say about this series.
the story line is not bad i guess and make sense in my opinion.
but something i don't like is that is boring and it does not get me crazy to keep reading about it, of course one of the mystery that the story line has is uncover and that about it.
nothing much to it and she have to stay for the same reason i don't know when i start reading it i was hoping for something a little much. also they have the stranger of name and is so wear and a one night stand that it.
i guess i want it more out of this book i supposed i have my hope really high but them maybe is just the first book or maybe is just the author want it the people more into the background before get to know the main character at all. i supposed this book has many author to be in his 3rd book but does not matter to me.
i would read the next one to see what happen but i really more looking for something else to happen, because the book has many things going on for him. like the plot, another universe were vampire, were and other creatures are the majority and humans are the minority and nothing more that nothing like there life are nothing. and you have a person that is bring to this new universe to help so i guess that what really make the plot on this book and is good i like it.
i just don't like that the main character has no personality at all ( i know she is not real) is just is something missing about her something that make her more real that just another character, something that make the reader want to be her want to dream about her and things like that.
maybe the next book or main character get to have more personality because the vampires in this book have more life that she does and that say a lot.
i would read the next book i have only left one series or two without reader any further but i have reason i suppose, i hope the next book is a little be better and i hope it is because the book have things working for it is just need a little something-something.
have fun and keep reading
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

He is not your husband, Catherine.

For book 4th I think is the book with more drama as drama goes in this series. Is not a bad thing is a really good thing as it come.
So this new character come claiming to be Cat wife, but the thing is she does not remember that or even know the guy, but he definitely remember her, and there is more to the story that meet the eye.
Would her and bones been able to live after this of this would be what break them apart.
When I first read it I cry, and for this second book I still cry the book has more about everything that other books on the series normally in the other books they have a enemy and is one that they can fight against there enemy but in here she need to o actually been able to remember what happen to do something about it.
I think what makes Jeaniene Frost so good is that the actually main character is no perfect or does not try to be he is just it, with pass and a future and a love for Cat that goes beyond anything she could wish for.
And them Cat as a character is no perfect but she is strong and she would fight if is necessary to survive, and save those she love.
In this one she make many mistake that came to some decision that there is no way she can turn around from, and one of my favorite character in the story is there to help her.
Vlad is just like the other character but he is actually a very powerful allies.
I love this series I’m I don’t know how many times I would say it but is impossible for me not to say it.
I can wait to read the next book in this series because I know I’m not going to be disappointed with it I just know that normally she never let the reader down so I can wait for it.

Have fun and keep reading
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Friday, June 11, 2010

At Grave’s End by Jeaniene Frost

She is the red reaper in the Vampire World.

Wow 3rd book in the series and I still love the books I can believe I just re-read the completed series normally I read only one or two book but I just find myself in love with the story once more.
In here we have merge there lines between Mencheres and Bones and things are to go to hell.
Now that Cat’s father Max is out and out for her blood bones would have to find a way to save her and save himself.
The 3rd book is sooooo sad I think so far but mostly because when she left him the first time she left and they could always find each other but dead how you fight that right. So in this one they suffer so much but at the very end everything would work out.
When I fist read this series I was wow this series is almost end and I can believe what I’m reading of course after I read the 4th book and find myself reading there is going to be more I was like wow if this is just the beginning on the story I can wait to see what else this too are going to get there hand on.
And after all they always find time to have some romance with each other and after finding that Mencheres’s wife is the one that want Bones and Cat dead things are to go crazy.
We also meet one of my favorite character Vlad I really like him, he is so fun and even though he is in your face character I can stop love him.
I think Vlad find himself trying to protect Cat I think he see her like a daughter or something similar that make it seen more vulnerable by all means.
I like it and love in this book is what make all things happen and to show that killing you competition doesn’t actually guarantee you be happy only that the moment that person find out you would lose her and everything that may she/he felt to start with because with a living one you can fight but a dead one he for ever be perfect in the other person eyes and no matter how hard you try you would never be as good to take the place on someone else lover. You may thing you can but only if that person doesn’t love to start with.
I think this one is a very example that dead doesn’t mean the end just the beginning.

Have fun and keep reading
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One foot in the grave by Jeaniene Frost

Once you got dead no one is better in bed.

For the second book on the Night Huntress series you have Cat has left bones and is over 4 years that she see him.
And one of her mission she find the person that make Bones a vampire, and let his maker live but for her surprise he like to collect unique things, and she is one of those things.
But with price in her head, Ian ( Bones vampire sire ) after her, and bones coming to her life once more well you things can get worse than that.
What I like in this book ( I like so far all the book I don’t have favorite in this series ) Is that after all the time they were apart they still love each other. And not only that, they would do anything this time to stay together.
And I think in this book is one that open the reader eyes as how much they love each other when she could kill him as ease as he could kill her.
Re-reading the complete series is so fun even though I know everything that is to come I still find it so fun to read.
In here after been so unhappy for so long she make the decision to be with Bones and no let him go, and he wont take no for a answer. Like he say “ you can run kitty but I would find you” and now that Tate is in the picture for her heart things can get more crazy than that.
The first time I read the book I could not stop of course this time was no difference but I find myself I did enjoy the book even more, I was no crazy to see what happen next so I took my time letting me enjoy Bones and Cat once more and how they get to stay together with everything going on.
If you think this book so far is good when you get to the next one you find yourself more in shock and more in love with the next one.

Have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Sometimes you have to kill the undead with the half dead.

I just re-read this series is a shock to my that I still love it, I did my review on the series some time back but I did it with the complete series so I guess I would do each book now because I have to give it to Jeaniene Frost her book are to good to be true ( and is the true) I don’t know if everyone like this book but my good there one of my favorite series, I can stop reading of course I know what is to come and still when it happen is a shock.
In the first book is the opening to this crazy adventure of or main character Cat, she is a half-human half-vampire and she been killing the undead for some time now.
After her mother tell her that her father is a vampire a monster-demon and many other things she is out to get them all to kill his father.
But one of those day she find herself with one vampire that is there for different reason and he is not taking her as a defense little girl.
After they meet and things become a partnership for both side in the look for one vampire that is doing the no-no there relationship is about to get a lot more complicated than that.
Bones and Cat story I love from the start this two character fight each other and they actually love each other with the same passion after we know the story of bones we see that he doesn’t care much for anything but when he does thing can get to a new level.
No only that her mother hate for vampire make her a little more scare of the feeling she has for Bones.
And after some crazy shit goes down her decision to stay with bones or keep him safe would be her last choice.
This adult novel make Edward paranoia to shame and Jacob no can even get close to temper Jeaniene Frost prove to many that her work is no just another vamps book is the vamps book that need to be read.
Romance-action-sex-hate-love my god what more can you ask and to top that is funny so you may laugh and you may cry but is one of the best book in may case I have read.

Have fun and keep reading
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill


When the first book was more in the get to know basic the second book is to let you know that she is here and she is here to stay and she is not one to mess with.
While in some books I ask for more romance this book does not have need it as much or really is more that it have it and it really is a work in progress where more book give you her love interest to be the perfect man and he is actually almost perfect and all that ( he almost so perfect that they only fight because he only what her safe) in here you don’t actually have that, well you kind of do but is not exactly they I love you and you love me too type no even close of course as reader you kind of hope for the Ethan and Merit romance because they bring the best in each other and there relationship is more that just there I suppose. But like in the first book he actually act as he does not care about what she does ( of course is basically because she say to him no to be his consort “ lover” ) but in this book he actually make her spend some time with him and too let some of his part come out.
I think the second book just let you betting for more and more of this character and there situation and because we know that she is not like other vampire in the first book is not surprise when that actually play to be a really bad thing in the end, and when she try to take his life the end result end been a really god thing for the both of them.
New alliance are to come and many more things are to happened to them, and when and ex come in the picture more secret are to come as well.
And the final touch is when the North America Pack leader of leader is to come how knows what is to happen when he call her that they are the same him and her.
I like this book and when I say that I don’t lie the book is cool and Merit world is need and different and know that friendship are put to the text well you don’t know what she chose and what she would do at the very end of this story but so far I want to see her and Ethan together or at the very least working out a little more of that relationship they have, and they accept that they both care for each other even if they do thing to keep the other apart.

Have fun and keep reading
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Some girls bite by Chloe Neill


Well what can I say about this book, I love it, is fun have action you can get enough of the main character Merit and you always hoping for her to be with Ethan ( her master ) but you see that she actually fighting and her loyalty is put to the test you see what she really may of.
I like the plot and Merit sarcasm and her friend are all fun to read about, even though no all her life in the eye of the reader I think it would come out when it time come.
I like that in here or main character is put on the spot to learn what is need to be learn and also to do what ever take to keep her Master and vampire house all safe.
After her attack she been trying to see things as positive as possible and with the attraction for her Master is getting stronger you thing she would give in any moment. But you where wrong she doesn’t and that make the meeting with Morgan a little more crazy and difficult and when he goes to his knee and ask for more of what she can she is put in the place where she have to or have to.
I really enjoy the book and not only that the end of this one is one that can be miss and is so good that I can wait to get staring in the next one I like it so much that I have give comparison with my favorite authors ( Jeaniene Frost, Gena Showalter, Richelle Mead …. etc) how I think make great work when it come to put a story line with a powerful heroin but never taking the fun factor and that no everything is as bad as it see but they also make the character more real by doing that of course minus the fact there vampire and demons or anything it make them come to life and make the reader love them.
I give Chloe Neill 5 start because this is you can put down book and very good at that.
For this piece of work is what I like to read is nor complicated to make it better but it helps that the character are so good and fun to read I tell you, you would not get enough of Merit and her world.

Have fun and keep reading
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three days to Dead by Kelly Meding

what I'm going to do with my After-Afterlife.
wow i like this story it was fun and with a little bit of everything.
imagined you die and them waking up in the morgue with another body and no idea what you are doing there or why?
much less memory of your own dead.
freaking out is not a option and in Dreg city that say a lot.
so in here we have vamps, weres, faeries, elf and sooooo many other mythological creatures that wow i can remember all.
so or heroin die and wake up she starts remember some things but nothing that would help her, after she find Wyatt her mentor and something more.....
she find she only has 3 days to live and to find why she was kill and that mystery that she knew something that would save her, but along the way she would find more than that.
i like the story line the idea of a character so strong and crazy that end up finding out the real problem and no only that she suffer her first dead memory after been torture to death.
the story line make this one different and new to my eyes is very no often you read about someone coming out of the dead in a different body to do somethings.
in the end everything would work out everyone know that but how that happen is the question and for her she only have 3 days at that. so i think to myself when someone die is something welcome but if you get another chance that the last thing you want.
i like the book it has boring moments like anything but is very important at the very end. one thing you see a lot in the book is dead and if you don't like watching the character you like dying this is a no-no book for you but if don't mind that and like the adventure and the unique of this them get it and see for yourself, so romance and dead goes in both hand i think is cool to see that things always work out.
have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shadow of the moon by Rachel Hawthorne

She is not your normal shifter she feel there emotion. he is not your typical shifter.
for the 4 book on the series of the Dark guardian novel ( and i think is the best so far on the series) in the other book we have the other character as a know character and mostly it was easy to follow them and how things where to end.
but in this book the main character is actually a empath. ( she feel emotions) but the emotions that she feels is her on species ( werewolf) and no other like humans or other shifters.
when a long enemy attack them during there first shift and say he would be coming for her, thing for her change and always been a outsider on her on clan because her ability keep her away from them, she run away to save everyone else and even if she dies she does knowing that she didn't take no one with her.
but them she meet her mate and he has a secret of his own.
falling for him became really difficult because she doesn't want anything to happen to him and she would do anything that is necessary to make sure of that, and he would do that as well.
one thing i like about this series is the mating they always come to become part and because is for ever is not something they take very easy so they take there time to find that special one.
mostly they have they same problem there care to care but once they stop and give in there is nothing that can stop them it actually remember me of Lord of the underworld series by Gena Showalter as a good thing both story there so scare of love that once they give in they don't know why they fight against it so much.
love the story and i always end up very happy after this book so much love but it also i end up with a question...... what happened it you mate is in another country ? lol maybe i should ask the author i really think Rachel Hawthoren receive a 5 start because her story are very romantic and passioned it.
have fun and keep reading
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