Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Sometimes you have to kill the undead with the half dead.

I just re-read this series is a shock to my that I still love it, I did my review on the series some time back but I did it with the complete series so I guess I would do each book now because I have to give it to Jeaniene Frost her book are to good to be true ( and is the true) I don’t know if everyone like this book but my good there one of my favorite series, I can stop reading of course I know what is to come and still when it happen is a shock.
In the first book is the opening to this crazy adventure of or main character Cat, she is a half-human half-vampire and she been killing the undead for some time now.
After her mother tell her that her father is a vampire a monster-demon and many other things she is out to get them all to kill his father.
But one of those day she find herself with one vampire that is there for different reason and he is not taking her as a defense little girl.
After they meet and things become a partnership for both side in the look for one vampire that is doing the no-no there relationship is about to get a lot more complicated than that.
Bones and Cat story I love from the start this two character fight each other and they actually love each other with the same passion after we know the story of bones we see that he doesn’t care much for anything but when he does thing can get to a new level.
No only that her mother hate for vampire make her a little more scare of the feeling she has for Bones.
And after some crazy shit goes down her decision to stay with bones or keep him safe would be her last choice.
This adult novel make Edward paranoia to shame and Jacob no can even get close to temper Jeaniene Frost prove to many that her work is no just another vamps book is the vamps book that need to be read.
Romance-action-sex-hate-love my god what more can you ask and to top that is funny so you may laugh and you may cry but is one of the best book in may case I have read.

Have fun and keep reading
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