Saturday, June 12, 2010

Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost

He is not your husband, Catherine.

For book 4th I think is the book with more drama as drama goes in this series. Is not a bad thing is a really good thing as it come.
So this new character come claiming to be Cat wife, but the thing is she does not remember that or even know the guy, but he definitely remember her, and there is more to the story that meet the eye.
Would her and bones been able to live after this of this would be what break them apart.
When I first read it I cry, and for this second book I still cry the book has more about everything that other books on the series normally in the other books they have a enemy and is one that they can fight against there enemy but in here she need to o actually been able to remember what happen to do something about it.
I think what makes Jeaniene Frost so good is that the actually main character is no perfect or does not try to be he is just it, with pass and a future and a love for Cat that goes beyond anything she could wish for.
And them Cat as a character is no perfect but she is strong and she would fight if is necessary to survive, and save those she love.
In this one she make many mistake that came to some decision that there is no way she can turn around from, and one of my favorite character in the story is there to help her.
Vlad is just like the other character but he is actually a very powerful allies.
I love this series I’m I don’t know how many times I would say it but is impossible for me not to say it.
I can wait to read the next book in this series because I know I’m not going to be disappointed with it I just know that normally she never let the reader down so I can wait for it.

Have fun and keep reading
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