Friday, June 11, 2010

At Grave’s End by Jeaniene Frost

She is the red reaper in the Vampire World.

Wow 3rd book in the series and I still love the books I can believe I just re-read the completed series normally I read only one or two book but I just find myself in love with the story once more.
In here we have merge there lines between Mencheres and Bones and things are to go to hell.
Now that Cat’s father Max is out and out for her blood bones would have to find a way to save her and save himself.
The 3rd book is sooooo sad I think so far but mostly because when she left him the first time she left and they could always find each other but dead how you fight that right. So in this one they suffer so much but at the very end everything would work out.
When I fist read this series I was wow this series is almost end and I can believe what I’m reading of course after I read the 4th book and find myself reading there is going to be more I was like wow if this is just the beginning on the story I can wait to see what else this too are going to get there hand on.
And after all they always find time to have some romance with each other and after finding that Mencheres’s wife is the one that want Bones and Cat dead things are to go crazy.
We also meet one of my favorite character Vlad I really like him, he is so fun and even though he is in your face character I can stop love him.
I think Vlad find himself trying to protect Cat I think he see her like a daughter or something similar that make it seen more vulnerable by all means.
I like it and love in this book is what make all things happen and to show that killing you competition doesn’t actually guarantee you be happy only that the moment that person find out you would lose her and everything that may she/he felt to start with because with a living one you can fight but a dead one he for ever be perfect in the other person eyes and no matter how hard you try you would never be as good to take the place on someone else lover. You may thing you can but only if that person doesn’t love to start with.
I think this one is a very example that dead doesn’t mean the end just the beginning.

Have fun and keep reading
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