Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Awaken me Darkly by Gena Showalter

There's beauty in HER strength
and Danger in HER desires.
Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter, is not a surprised at all that i like the series, i mostly like all her work. she is really good and make the reader fall in love with the character after only one book that all it takes one book and you hock for like.
I also guess that mostly the HUNTRESS name give away that is going to have some action and some romance and they would do anything in there power to be away for each other at least one of the two anyway.
reading a new Gena Showalter series is not as easy as it look you may no like it you can like all her work but so far i very much like all of what i have read.
for this book she bring to us something out there "ALIENS " something everyone thinks but know actually talk about without sounding like a geek ( and i consider myself one) in the end she give you something to look for.
her Alien Huntress series is very much sexy romantic, have some much action and the main character or heroin my as well call herself kiss-ass, she is very much strong and doesn't care much about what people think her story is something people would related to and in the end is what make her so strong as a character a very dark pass and a very dark future but them it come or sexy man character is all that she would never go for and eve though there is something to them she would not give in until well, she can help herself.
i like her book they are a little similar though but still they make for great work and make the reader want to wait and see how they get together and get them self out there and be together and is really fun and she can make you suffer for it to wait to much or just plain mean and kill someone ( and when you see what she does with that, well you can say you didn't see that one coming).
anyways i really recommend this book and so far all the book i have read of her, she make men and woman equal when it come to war and love.
different background but in the end they all have something in common there is some light waiting for them at the very end of that journeys.
Have fun and keep reading
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