Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

for the 3rd movie on the saga i have to say i quite happy with it. when i saw twilight i was so mad it was nothing like the book and in the end i think it really suck, them when new moon came on the picture i was happy because they keep it on the book and it was a good look for the movie only think bad though was Edward look old as hell, and he actually look plain ugly at this point so yeah no very happy with that.
but now that eclipse is out i think director David Slade in did, he did a great job the movie just look real the color are what it would be in that moment he show the view emotion by choosing the right lighting and i just work in my opinion.
of course i still think Edward look really old compare to movie 1 but yeah that happen something else i notice is that everyone have read kiss me lips.
well the tent scene was not a shock at all it was funny and very much like the book the kiss was a little more out there and i think this years Edward and Bella kiss has some competition. it look really good.
something else i notice was many of the story that are tell in this book were no like in the book and very much trying to make it go fast in my opinion those should at the very least have been like in the book to show those that haven't read the book a more understanding of it. ( the story of Jasper and Rosaline how they were turn and the 3rd wife).
i like the movie and it have many of the complement of the book only think they don't put the book end on it so i guess it would make is day view or either the DVD or Breaking down.
i can wait for the next movie to see what they going to do with it and hope they don't make a big mistake when they do.
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