Saturday, July 3, 2010

Enslave me Sweetly by Gena Showalter

for the second book on the Alien Huntress series is not so bad,one thing you have to know about this series is in the same world as the first but is no the same people that tell the story or have any go with the first characters you see in the first book.
now for this one we have a new view of this Alien world, and i like it.
after assassin Eden Black fail to bring down a slave man she is force to have a partner one she doesn't no want but desire no the less. she is a Raka a Alien raise know for the peace making and sexuality, and they gold skin and hair make them very much want it of humans and make them a very endanger species in earth. but she is no like other of her kind she is a killer and good at that.
i really like this story and you can see the emotions in both character for the get go, she can help herself but she can always try to fight what she is feeling because is very much stupid to fall for your partner because it become deadly.
so i have a good laugh with this book this two are so equal so good for each other and is so funny i can help myself and laugh but i think i like one character that didn't get a happy ending i would love to see this bad guy become one of the good one lol. he is the King of his land and he actually help Eden and i like him because after what she say to him i think he actually maybe can do something like that is just i would love to see him fall in love and end up happy i don't know sometimes i think a romantic dip down very dip lol.
the book is good and is like all Gena Showalter book i read the have action, power and most important they have that romantic connection that is so strong that they can keep each other away is just about how they get there that really matter and in here good things is they do it and they do it by words " if you don't fuck me i fuck you" so yeah the book is one of the strongest on the series so far.
can wait to keep reading and see what else would Gena trow our way, she has a way to make you want to see the end and that let you to a no spot reading.
have fun and keep reading
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