Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hex Hall by by Rachel Hawkins

Been a witch was never so..... dangerous.

for the first book on the Hex Hall series i think was good no a OMG book book good enough to read the next one.
i think this book was okay and it got much better when it was ending i think that was my favorite part the end but no because it end more like the end let me without much to say.
so she is a young witch that was send to Hex Hall because she did a spell go wrong, and once in Hex Hall she find what she really is and she is out for a real surprise and after some of the girls are been attack is up to her to actually clean her only friend name, and not only that she find herself in love with the wrong guy, what would she do and how would she save all that would be the big question.
so the book end is what i really like and maybe the next book is actually much better in many ways.
i think maybe the book need work but mostly because the main character is so strong as power goes but to i don't know LOSER can be the word but it would be to insulting is more like she is to scare about been how she really is and that what get to me, because i think she is very strong as personality goes and very loyal even for her good i think Rachel would give us a little more and i think the next book would be that.

have fun and keep reading
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