Friday, July 2, 2010

The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter

Forced in his knees in agony wherever he speakes the truth, she is keeper of nightmares and too dangerous to roam free. a future with her might destroy all he come to love....
wow i can never get enough of The Lords of the underworld, they are so sexy so passioned and so loyal to either there feminine or there friends, in the quest to find Pandora's Box to save them self, and escape there enemies but also try no to fall for that one person that it may destroyed them well make for a very entertain book.
and this book is not one of my favorite, but no the less is was a really good one.
so in here they let you see two person life Amun the keeper of Secrets, Strider the Keeper of Defeat and someone that die but in the last book we get to know that she did not no other that Paris love Sienna now keeper of Wrath, after what happen to Aeron with him dying and finding out where they go after they die like there friend Bade how was kill many centuries ago and still make the Lords all very sad. so anyways something i think Gena is very good in doing is actually playing with the reader feeling you think something is to happen but them something totally different happened, them when you think they are to love someone they don't is so i don't know i like it but something i don't.
also sometimes many reader would get tired of what Gena those as well they always love each other and would do anything in there power to stay away from each other in some cases in other well that doesn't happen but still they try no to be together and the fun part of this how they get to be together and tell each other what they feel and them what they become when they have that love they become so protective that is funny really.
now if I'm not wrong soon we would see Keeper of Secret love life and the keeper of Defeat for that one i can not wait because i know is going to be the most crazy of all.
if you haven't start reading this series well you need to do so like NOW.
i was unsure how Gena was going to give the reader Lies love story but she did and she did it in the best of ways giving them everything and nothing at all giving nothing and taking everything, and for the first time in like all the book ( there some Demon Porn ) no telling much in there but i am telling you you would laugh and actually feel very different about the book after that.
sexy, action, passion, hate all your normal action on her books in one, and at last we didn't get to know what happen to Paris or Sienna i suppose that would be part of the books to come can wait Paris has suffer just enough.
have fun and keep reading
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