Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Stone Prince by Gena Showalter

When you think falling in love is difficult think again....... she is long with a Stone Warrior.
so here is another sexy and romantic story from Gena Showalter i think people is going to start saying i only read her book because so far that is actually a bit true, i really love her book no only her but many other is just i like her writing and i want it to give them all a try just to see if i actually find a story of her that i don't like but so far yeah that haven't happen.
this book i think is different no the Alien think but the idea of it, how can you fall in love with someone that no even real? hello you may enjoy the view and all but how you can love something that would never love you back because it can, or so you think.
so this is what happen to the main character in this book i have to say i love the end to get there took some time.
time that or main Warrior didn't have. so i like him i lot he is very something and very the man you would love to hate, but in the end he just act how is always saw thing so i can really say much in that because at the very end he was what we all the reader want it to be the perfect man for her.
so in this book is the one that make more sense in why he just don't want anything to do with her, or actually is more true that the other that fight so hard no to be with each other, in her she fight but only because she doesn't want to give her - her all and end up with nothing because once he wins her heart he would live her.
now in the end it get a little all her i don't want to be with you but for the actually end i very happy with it.
okay something i notice in her book is that Gena when it come to name always play with some of her other book never the same but something is similar in some way and some of her main male character have something in all her book you can say that also something i notice this is the second time i find a book with a curse or 14 day to save them all and a sacrifice is made, i guess she is a fan of sacrifice and i do love it and even though i see it if you only read one series you would never see this.
this book is a most read and re-read because you would not get enough of them and the very end you want to see more into their lives and i actually enjoy her brother so i wish they can be a little more of them.
like all her book there sexy, intriguing and very much romantic to the very end.
have fun and keep reading
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