Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Early to Death, Early to Rise by Kim Harrison

You use your love to see the world.
for the second book on this cool line of story i find that Kim Harrison can go from one end to another and it work for her, she is really good in making there character fun a easy to love and the same way easy to hate but still you want to love them.
and if you haven't read her other series well in there is easy to see why i say so but well, this series new and different and i love it.
the first book or the first to really let us see her story ( because i find out like yesterday that there is a opening to this series that is call prom from hell so i haven't read it but i know the end is just a little more of what happen to her on that prom i can wait) and i like it, never see someone destined to be a timekeeper and also been death and have to keep so many lies and some many people is looking at her to see what she does.
in here her character are more for the youth Adult and she keep it clean and in the love or romantic part i so love is not much but there is a good part i guess, in this one i think Kim actually left a little of her soul because is the meaning i guess.
what is there fate or choice what ever you think is okay but what you do with that is what really matter and the very end.
so in this book start the moment the last end and it start moving from them on. she is to save a soul or to try to convinced him to change what he is going to do but having to suspects is not helping much, and she have to make sure Nakita doesn't kill the MARK and Barnabas from saving him, and she is in the middle of them and actually falling for a guy, and meting the soon to become the Light Timekeeper only in what a days she is going to get a run for her money.
so if you have any Doubt the book is not good just start reading a little and you find that is not in any need of love if has to much of and a lot of something good is going to come out."You use your love to see the world. It makes everything harder for you, but if it were easy, then everyone could do it."
have fun and keep reading
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