Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

When the Night Comes, she come out to play.
for the first book on the series i really enjoy the book, it was better that i was expecting and i was expecting no much.
but the book is actually cool, is very much bloody and the is so much tension you don't know what to do with it.
the main character is power and in control, her ability make her different and her sense of humor just a piece of work, but what make her such a strong character is the fact that she also have a pass that is breaking her and finding true about what she really is.
Nightwalker is a very master- piece a great job and as i know many how read this series i crazy for the romance you see her love been take from her and her loyalty put on the line.
and i know i want her to be with the hot sexy Hunter but that probably happen in the next book on the series because we know he is her salvation and her his.
the series is going to keep you reading and this many enemies as well, you would never know how is the most bastes of the all. and that make it even funner to read.
i guess this book is a little more real but is just my opinion, they didn't fall in love in the first book and i don't mind that i just know there is something and i hope something happen because that is what matter the love come when is most need it.
have fun and keep reading
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