Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RECKONING by Jeaniene Frost

so here was another good job for Jeaniene the only sad thing is that she speak of bones and we see if point of view but no about cat she doesn't even exit in his book at this point but is so nice to actually been in his head even for so short story, this is actually like the opening on the night huntress series but no by cat point just bones and i like it, i always like him but in here we get to see that bones is no only that sex machine, jealous and strong vampire he is more than that, he actually is very nice and he would do anything to protect those around him.
know that he is with Cat we get why he is so passioned and i would no ask for nothing else, this and all her book so far i and in love with and she does love the Night huntress world because she is giving to it everything she has and i don't think that those that read her book are ready to get tired of cat and bones and the other to come on her story maybe after i finish i read the series once again and that would be my 3rd time.
have fun and keep reading
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