Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prom From Hell by Kim Harrison

When Prom is where you die it can become the Prom from Hell.
okay this is the opening to Madison Avery series, is just a little short story, for this fun and cool series.
so she goes to prom find his date is a pity date leave with some else, die or at least that what you think she a wakes on the morgue to find the person that kill her is back and she took something and is running for her no life to live.
so i didn't know this book was part of her story just find out that she those this a lot and i think is for the reader to get to know the character better and let you see more that just the usual, she has done this from other character and i think i have to read them just to see what is going on.
this short story is good and even though i now the end is sad and happy at the very same time i very happy i have read the other book because i be going crazy to know what happened.
Kim Harrison did a great job as always and maybe just maybe i wish she end up with Barnabas he is cute and is always looking out for her.
if you haven't read it and if you like me that just find out read it because it would let you see what happen the day she die and all the things you only read but didn't know much about it.
Have fun and keep reading
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