Friday, July 9, 2010

Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter


Wow I love this book love it love it love it, Devyn is one of my favorite character sense the moment he came out in book two I just love him, he is a womanizer, yes but he actually really caring as well, a slut nothing less but they guy has his story.
Know for this book Bride a vampire that actually know nothing about her people and is looking for answer that Devyn is very happy to give her for a price a KISS for every question, and they would fight there attraction and he definitely would fight more that Bride because he is vow to never love a woman or stay with only one, because he like variety and want to have a woman for every were, and when his biggest temptation is put there in from of him he has to chose, been with the RAKAN he so much want or stay with Bride.
I really like this series I enjoy it to much actually and I guess is good but my god I like Gena Showalter book so damn much, she just make every love story, action, everything that they do together so fun and fascinating to me is like they are truly there and you love them everyone of them and want to know them more and more, just like in her other book there one of them that is happy he is just no happy like he want to.
This series is so different from the Lords of the Underworld or Tales of a Extraordinary Girl or her other book well so far this all the book I have read to be honest but I still think there really good.
Know for this series I want it to see more of the Devyn I so much love I saw it don’t get me wrong he is just a pervert but I want it to interact with other woman and he never actually did before he fall for Bride and I love it but he is just so funny and he just can help himself.
Like in the previews book you have 3 speaker in this one is Devyn, Bride, Dallas ( once again Dallas and I like him ) now in this book Dallas can help himself much I know but I think when his story is to be tell is going to very difficult to give him so piece of mind and just when that moments come I think happiness is to be part of many of this agents.
Now all character from book 3 and 4 are out there they just not as much as like they were the main focus something I notice though is that the book that have name more erotic are adult novels and the want with normal name but still out there are more of the PG13 category no bad but is something when you read them you out to look for them.
This is no the last book on the series is more to come and the next book soon be out and I can wait and see what is going to happen because the queen just arrive.

Have fun and keep reading
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