Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pleasure Slave by Gena showalter

Ways Of The Pleasure Slave.
The Slightest Whim Of Your Master Is Your Highest Law.
For the second book on the series i knew many of the things that were going to happen but no the very end or how thing happen.
i guess first thing is i love Gena Showalter Romance and love story for this book because there love is so big that nothing can change what they feel and they would move mountain if that is necessary.
in the last book she was a very strong woman and she would not do anything that was order to her but in here of main character is not that strong but she is very compassionate and caring for other feeling over herself.
in this on she buy a Box that is say to contain the most pleasure thing in the world but what she doesn't know is that is very true, when she open the box she find there the very sexy and her very on pleasure slave Tristan, but what he doesn't know is that he would do anything to stay as a slave only to be with this woman.
the book is good and it has Gena signature and her on flavored on his on.
i like this book and the magic in them, and as i say before the romance in this book if the center of all.
there is no action or crazy battle no in here the only battle they fight is there curses and keep the woman they love and i think if i find myself with a Slave a pleasure slave may be i would be a little concerned to sleep with him too after all how many woman has he take and most important would he want to or only do so because he is order to do so the idea in this book got my attention and Gena make another look out world here come a new series that you most watch out for.
have fun and keep reading
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