Friday, July 30, 2010

Dawnbreaker by Jocelynn Drake

"Those of her race fear Mira for the lethal fire she bends to her will -- a power unique among nightwalkers, both a gift ... and a curse.
The naturi despise Mira for what she is -- as they prepare the final sacrifice that will destroy the barriers between the worlds. And once the naturi are unchained, blood, chaos, and horror will reign supreme on Earth.

Mira can trust only Danaus, the more-than-mortal vampire slayer, though he is sworn to destroy her kind. And now, as the day approaches when titanic forces will duel under cover of darkness, destiny draws them toward an apocalyptic confrontation at Machu Picchu. But all is not lost, for a wild card has been dealt to them: a rogue enemy princess who can change the balance of power and turn the dread tide. "
for the 3rd book the idea is the same the war and she trying to save them all, of course is easy to get tired of that, but always the end make you want to read more of the next book. i still can wait to see her with the Hunter ( Danaus) i in other book you don't see it as much in this one how they can stop saving each other and when they have those moment when she does something for him that you know is because he is very important to her or him doing something for her, is like a cat and a mouse playing but they don't want the play to stop and also some things come out in this book and he find what he really is and make sense she is there to save him.
i think in this book she is not really in the love of the all she doesn't seen to believe that it is there but there connection is so pure is difficult to think that they don't see it.
but right now they going to miss each other and be back together one more time and this time things are to get out of control between them once because they can control them self or so i hope.
the book was good and it was fun but no all the book it has it moment and some it didn't but the end was what really work and i love it.
have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost


"Chicago private investigator Kira Graceling should have just kept on walking. But her sense of duty refused to let her ignore the moans of pain coming from inside a warehouse just before dawn. Suddenly she finds herself in a world she’s only imagined in her worst nightmares.
At the center is Mencheres, a breathtaking Master Vampire who thought he’d seen it all. Then Kira appears—this fearless, beautiful…human who braved death to rescue him. Though he burns for her, keeping Kira in his world means risking her life, yet sending her away is unthinkable.
But with danger closing in, Mencheres must choose between the woman he craves, or embracing the darkest magic to defeat an enemy bent on his eternal destruction. "

for her second novel in the Night Huntress world from the very popular series of Bones and Cat Jeaniene bring us another side story, and is from no other than Mencheres and new character Kira, this new story is more like the other but in here is different because we know who he is but we don't actually know anything about him only know what is tell in the other book but no much is there.
in this book we get the chance to read a little more into his life as well of this new comer Kira, and it was really fun i think Mencheres story is difficult to tell is much to tell sense he has life to long and to have so much to tell well let say that i want to learned more of him but i think for now I'm very happy the end was really good and i very happy he has his vision once again, and now i get more about him and i think in the book is so much of him you don't get to read or Cat tell you about is only her hate or her dislike of him and in this book is no as funny as the other but is funny to see him making jokes and i actually laugh of some of them well actually all of them. the book is what Jeaniene do best and is keeping a nightmare vs Romance and coming out with something very realistic if you can take out the vampire part, because i don't think i can.
i think this book is different from the others because there was so much pain, so much hunger for power (not them there enemy) and guilt that can eat even the most cold of souls.
Menchedes tell is one that let the reader see beyond of Cat like and i can wait to read other story, long life without the need to risk something i think is just empty.
also this book come with something as a little gift for those Cat & Bones fan (like me) the fist chapter of The Other Side of the Grave the 5th book on Bones & Cats story on the Night Huntress and i just can wait for the book to bad it would be almost 7 moths now i still can wait the first chapter show that they are looking for the ghouls that once were to kill Cat at been scare of her becoming one of them so i think this book is going to bring new enemy, all friends and alliances and much more like we are us to but if you can wait well there is going to be a side story of Bones & Cat vacation coming on Aug. 3 so you can have so Bones until the next book in both world.

Have fun and keep reading
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake

She is the seal and the weapon.

For the second book on the series they go to Venice the house of the coven where more that one secret is there for them to find and much more.
okay in this book they go to Venice and the book start just where we last read, but once there they find that there is much danger out there and more that they can think.
they find that the biggest treat to the the Naturi is in the city, and that actually come as a shock because if they become alliance them a war is to come and war is something they can afford if they want to keep them self a secret.
know i know i don't mind this book no having romance but to be honest i think is time it come and she stop been with everyone but him the hunter that for is my favorite of all for her.
in this book i don't a favorite character just yet maybe in other book i find that one so far they all into manipulation, killing and more killing living out just a bit of romance and what happen is not with the person i want her to be.
and i think is time she find a way to stop been control or something in the book to come.
the plot is great and she is very strong as a character but i still need to see that she can love because if you don't love well is very difficult to save everyone them.
i mean you see her love for things in her pass but no in the present so i really would like that let see what happen next.

have fun and keep reading
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake

When the Night Comes, she come out to play.
for the first book on the series i really enjoy the book, it was better that i was expecting and i was expecting no much.
but the book is actually cool, is very much bloody and the is so much tension you don't know what to do with it.
the main character is power and in control, her ability make her different and her sense of humor just a piece of work, but what make her such a strong character is the fact that she also have a pass that is breaking her and finding true about what she really is.
Nightwalker is a very master- piece a great job and as i know many how read this series i crazy for the romance you see her love been take from her and her loyalty put on the line.
and i know i want her to be with the hot sexy Hunter but that probably happen in the next book on the series because we know he is her salvation and her his.
the series is going to keep you reading and this many enemies as well, you would never know how is the most bastes of the all. and that make it even funner to read.
i guess this book is a little more real but is just my opinion, they didn't fall in love in the first book and i don't mind that i just know there is something and i hope something happen because that is what matter the love come when is most need it.
have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RECKONING by Jeaniene Frost

so here was another good job for Jeaniene the only sad thing is that she speak of bones and we see if point of view but no about cat she doesn't even exit in his book at this point but is so nice to actually been in his head even for so short story, this is actually like the opening on the night huntress series but no by cat point just bones and i like it, i always like him but in here we get to see that bones is no only that sex machine, jealous and strong vampire he is more than that, he actually is very nice and he would do anything to protect those around him.
know that he is with Cat we get why he is so passioned and i would no ask for nothing else, this and all her book so far i and in love with and she does love the Night huntress world because she is giving to it everything she has and i don't think that those that read her book are ready to get tired of cat and bones and the other to come on her story maybe after i finish i read the series once again and that would be my 3rd time.
have fun and keep reading
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Prom From Hell by Kim Harrison

When Prom is where you die it can become the Prom from Hell.
okay this is the opening to Madison Avery series, is just a little short story, for this fun and cool series.
so she goes to prom find his date is a pity date leave with some else, die or at least that what you think she a wakes on the morgue to find the person that kill her is back and she took something and is running for her no life to live.
so i didn't know this book was part of her story just find out that she those this a lot and i think is for the reader to get to know the character better and let you see more that just the usual, she has done this from other character and i think i have to read them just to see what is going on.
this short story is good and even though i now the end is sad and happy at the very same time i very happy i have read the other book because i be going crazy to know what happened.
Kim Harrison did a great job as always and maybe just maybe i wish she end up with Barnabas he is cute and is always looking out for her.
if you haven't read it and if you like me that just find out read it because it would let you see what happen the day she die and all the things you only read but didn't know much about it.
Have fun and keep reading
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Early to Death, Early to Rise by Kim Harrison

You use your love to see the world.
for the second book on this cool line of story i find that Kim Harrison can go from one end to another and it work for her, she is really good in making there character fun a easy to love and the same way easy to hate but still you want to love them.
and if you haven't read her other series well in there is easy to see why i say so but well, this series new and different and i love it.
the first book or the first to really let us see her story ( because i find out like yesterday that there is a opening to this series that is call prom from hell so i haven't read it but i know the end is just a little more of what happen to her on that prom i can wait) and i like it, never see someone destined to be a timekeeper and also been death and have to keep so many lies and some many people is looking at her to see what she does.
in here her character are more for the youth Adult and she keep it clean and in the love or romantic part i so love is not much but there is a good part i guess, in this one i think Kim actually left a little of her soul because is the meaning i guess.
what is there fate or choice what ever you think is okay but what you do with that is what really matter and the very end.
so in this book start the moment the last end and it start moving from them on. she is to save a soul or to try to convinced him to change what he is going to do but having to suspects is not helping much, and she have to make sure Nakita doesn't kill the MARK and Barnabas from saving him, and she is in the middle of them and actually falling for a guy, and meting the soon to become the Light Timekeeper only in what a days she is going to get a run for her money.
so if you have any Doubt the book is not good just start reading a little and you find that is not in any need of love if has to much of and a lot of something good is going to come out."You use your love to see the world. It makes everything harder for you, but if it were easy, then everyone could do it."
have fun and keep reading
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Bites by Ellen Schreiber

I think I'm in love.... and this time it's for real.
the 4rd or 7th book on the series is love bites.
well or main character get to know Alexander Best friend Sebastian but Sebastian has a secret of his on he fall in love to easy and to soon, and when that is call for trouble for or Gothic main Character she would do anything to make sure he doesn't give there secret away.
i don't know if i was waiting for more in this book, it make me feel i reading a very Gothic version of twilight, but without Jacob and the Cullen clan.
the book is not bad and there cover rock in my opinion, but it been so long i just don't know why he doesn't want to change her and i not even sure what are they really doing but anyways i think is time for her to been change or something else to happen, what i think i like about the book is because is very romantic is all about her in love and wanting something but wanting him even more and all that.
Love Bites has his on way of going and i think that if in real life some fall for a vampire is more possible her or he not wanting to change because that would only mean living everything and actually dying and i think a vampire would only change if like in love or something else but in the very end i think i need something to happen in this series to make it more powerful and not only a very romantic book.
have fun and keep reading
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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pleasure Slave by Gena showalter

Ways Of The Pleasure Slave.
The Slightest Whim Of Your Master Is Your Highest Law.
For the second book on the series i knew many of the things that were going to happen but no the very end or how thing happen.
i guess first thing is i love Gena Showalter Romance and love story for this book because there love is so big that nothing can change what they feel and they would move mountain if that is necessary.
in the last book she was a very strong woman and she would not do anything that was order to her but in here of main character is not that strong but she is very compassionate and caring for other feeling over herself.
in this on she buy a Box that is say to contain the most pleasure thing in the world but what she doesn't know is that is very true, when she open the box she find there the very sexy and her very on pleasure slave Tristan, but what he doesn't know is that he would do anything to stay as a slave only to be with this woman.
the book is good and it has Gena signature and her on flavored on his on.
i like this book and the magic in them, and as i say before the romance in this book if the center of all.
there is no action or crazy battle no in here the only battle they fight is there curses and keep the woman they love and i think if i find myself with a Slave a pleasure slave may be i would be a little concerned to sleep with him too after all how many woman has he take and most important would he want to or only do so because he is order to do so the idea in this book got my attention and Gena make another look out world here come a new series that you most watch out for.
have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Stone Prince by Gena Showalter

When you think falling in love is difficult think again....... she is long with a Stone Warrior.
so here is another sexy and romantic story from Gena Showalter i think people is going to start saying i only read her book because so far that is actually a bit true, i really love her book no only her but many other is just i like her writing and i want it to give them all a try just to see if i actually find a story of her that i don't like but so far yeah that haven't happen.
this book i think is different no the Alien think but the idea of it, how can you fall in love with someone that no even real? hello you may enjoy the view and all but how you can love something that would never love you back because it can, or so you think.
so this is what happen to the main character in this book i have to say i love the end to get there took some time.
time that or main Warrior didn't have. so i like him i lot he is very something and very the man you would love to hate, but in the end he just act how is always saw thing so i can really say much in that because at the very end he was what we all the reader want it to be the perfect man for her.
so in this book is the one that make more sense in why he just don't want anything to do with her, or actually is more true that the other that fight so hard no to be with each other, in her she fight but only because she doesn't want to give her - her all and end up with nothing because once he wins her heart he would live her.
now in the end it get a little all her i don't want to be with you but for the actually end i very happy with it.
okay something i notice in her book is that Gena when it come to name always play with some of her other book never the same but something is similar in some way and some of her main male character have something in all her book you can say that also something i notice this is the second time i find a book with a curse or 14 day to save them all and a sacrifice is made, i guess she is a fan of sacrifice and i do love it and even though i see it if you only read one series you would never see this.
this book is a most read and re-read because you would not get enough of them and the very end you want to see more into their lives and i actually enjoy her brother so i wish they can be a little more of them.
like all her book there sexy, intriguing and very much romantic to the very end.
have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hex Hall by by Rachel Hawkins

Been a witch was never so..... dangerous.

for the first book on the Hex Hall series i think was good no a OMG book book good enough to read the next one.
i think this book was okay and it got much better when it was ending i think that was my favorite part the end but no because it end more like the end let me without much to say.
so she is a young witch that was send to Hex Hall because she did a spell go wrong, and once in Hex Hall she find what she really is and she is out for a real surprise and after some of the girls are been attack is up to her to actually clean her only friend name, and not only that she find herself in love with the wrong guy, what would she do and how would she save all that would be the big question.
so the book end is what i really like and maybe the next book is actually much better in many ways.
i think maybe the book need work but mostly because the main character is so strong as power goes but to i don't know LOSER can be the word but it would be to insulting is more like she is to scare about been how she really is and that what get to me, because i think she is very strong as personality goes and very loyal even for her good i think Rachel would give us a little more and i think the next book would be that.

have fun and keep reading
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill

Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock
- will rogers.
wow the 3rd book on this series is so good I'm out of words i wish i read it before i really enjoy the book, i know Chloe Neill want it to be that sexual tension between Ethan and Merit so when they are together you be more than happy and she is really good and giving you a little and them taking everything away and living all in DRAMA.
i love the book and i think this is the first book we see that Ethan is more man that Vampire or the other way around is very difficult to know is just easy to say that we get to see a different side of him in this one and the end OH MY GOD i can believe this end i want to read the next book like crazy and there is no info on it.
now the last book end letting you know someone want Merit for something but no really telling you what that something is and i have to say the end of the other book was crazy this one is just WOW.
i love the character and the plot for the book and everytime the bad guy come out, you can say i didn't see that one coming, but apparently Chloe did.
when i first start reading the series i was not happy for th elack of romance for lack of better words but i have to say know i should have keep quite about it because it was not a lack of it, it was actually what life would look like if you been in that position if i say so myself, it would very difficult to give yourself to someone you know to little and that actually change you without you knowing that so i think is safe to say i like that she did it like this, so when they start together you want it more and more in every book even though you know drama would come.
in this one the shape-shifters and in Chicago to make the decision whether to stay and fight the war that is to come or leave and leave the vampire to fight once more time alone.
and know that is a bounty on Gabriel ( the main Shape-Shifter) is up to Merit to find that one out, because she is going to be in the middle of it.
the book start a little slow for the first two chapter because if you haven't read the series for the time for the book to come out is normal for you to remember some of the thing that happen int he book after chapter 3 things change and everything is moving as it was meant to move very slow and in perfect timing as always.
the book have action, romance, friendship and the drop dead gorgeous vampires and shape-shifter and like Merit say sometimes they are so predictable, this book is all but that you have to read this series is a most and you wont regret it, it would be like reading twilight-vampire Academy - house of night series and some other book because it would keep you reading until the very end.
have fun and keep reading
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter


Wow I love this book love it love it love it, Devyn is one of my favorite character sense the moment he came out in book two I just love him, he is a womanizer, yes but he actually really caring as well, a slut nothing less but they guy has his story.
Know for this book Bride a vampire that actually know nothing about her people and is looking for answer that Devyn is very happy to give her for a price a KISS for every question, and they would fight there attraction and he definitely would fight more that Bride because he is vow to never love a woman or stay with only one, because he like variety and want to have a woman for every were, and when his biggest temptation is put there in from of him he has to chose, been with the RAKAN he so much want or stay with Bride.
I really like this series I enjoy it to much actually and I guess is good but my god I like Gena Showalter book so damn much, she just make every love story, action, everything that they do together so fun and fascinating to me is like they are truly there and you love them everyone of them and want to know them more and more, just like in her other book there one of them that is happy he is just no happy like he want to.
This series is so different from the Lords of the Underworld or Tales of a Extraordinary Girl or her other book well so far this all the book I have read to be honest but I still think there really good.
Know for this series I want it to see more of the Devyn I so much love I saw it don’t get me wrong he is just a pervert but I want it to interact with other woman and he never actually did before he fall for Bride and I love it but he is just so funny and he just can help himself.
Like in the previews book you have 3 speaker in this one is Devyn, Bride, Dallas ( once again Dallas and I like him ) now in this book Dallas can help himself much I know but I think when his story is to be tell is going to very difficult to give him so piece of mind and just when that moments come I think happiness is to be part of many of this agents.
Now all character from book 3 and 4 are out there they just not as much as like they were the main focus something I notice though is that the book that have name more erotic are adult novels and the want with normal name but still out there are more of the PG13 category no bad but is something when you read them you out to look for them.
This is no the last book on the series is more to come and the next book soon be out and I can wait and see what is going to happen because the queen just arrive.

Have fun and keep reading
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Savor meSlowly by Gena Showalter

What can i say about this book?
i don't know I'm a little speechless with the book, but in a good way. it always get to me that Gena Showalter can do her book so good one better that the other is something it get to me to go around.
for this book the book is divided in 3 person speak.
Dallas, Jaxon, Mishka and is fun because they were in the first book but we don't get to know much about them and Dallas is almost dead so he speak to little and Jaxon is actually one that help Mia with her mission and all that.
but after what Mia does to save Dallas is until this book that we get have the opportunity to know what happen to him.
but this book is not about Dallas is actually about Jason and Mishka that we all know as Le’Ace and she is both human and machine or at the very least human looking, but she has a secret even deeper that what her cold and hard look let people know, and that let us get to know her more and actually like her just because she is just scare little thing a very deadly thing.
we first get to know her in the 3rd book on the series and until know is that we get to see her for real and in action. Jaxon that was part of the first book become a very important part of the book and for this one he can help himself the attraction he has for this woman and enemy.
you have your normal components here passion, love, sex, action, friendship, brotherhood, curses and more and it always work in the end.
now in here all the bets are up and you really don't know what is going to happen i really was very impress with some parts of the book and i think is this book is a lot of sex a little more that the other book or maybe is just me.
now because she is a machine she is not supposed to love and it help to say she was no born as human so is very difficult to know why she can love but them we are born to no emotion until we learn of them so that would be my theory. the book is really good and one of my favorite character came back Devyn he is really fun and when he came in the second book i just love him and can wait to see him in action.
have fun and keep reading
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blacklisted by Gena Showalter

wow this book is sooooooo good. I really don't have many words out there to say it but well is one of the best plot and the most important in my opinion out of all the book this one goes more deeply that any of the other book it goes beyond the other.
in here everything start as a fun night on the club after they guy she like and end up been something more and in the end it was all worth it.
for this book they are not agents stopping a bad guy there no good guy killing the bad one they actually the one to fight for the one that need it the most the one that were to die, those that in the book are not important that what they were doing and it really give me another way to see Gena Showlater view.
in here the good guy was doing something actually that was wrong but he was doing it for the right reason to say those how really need it.
in the last book two of the main character Cara and Erick they were dating but they broke up because he was found guilty of possession of Onadyn (that is drug that can kill human but it actually can save the life of some Alien that can breath oxygen) after that he was put to jail but he manage to scape and them he actually start selling so he can get money to give to those that are need but no of this is to know by her Ex so she is to hunt him down.
now in this book Erick meet Camelli and now the two of them are to help them but what is really important is that she is helping him doing something important but that is illegal and can get you kill so she would do anything in her power to help him and him would do anything in his power to protect her.
what i like is the passion of what he is actually doing to help those that need it and this story show you the family of the Aliens that do the bad thing and get kill what happen to them and is brow by two people that what ever they do can change the world.
this one of the most deeply emotional wise on the series because is not about they is about other even though they are to do anything to be together, i really love the story for this because it show what discrimination can do to all us.
many in the real world it won't be drugs but food or something many die because of that and if one person can change the world them we all can because why we let some many people die everyday of hunger that is something to think about and that is something this book would show to you i really like it and there is always what make Gena Showalter book good but this one i think the most different of all her book no only the series and i think people really need to get to read it and see for them self the story line.
have fun and keep reading
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Red Handed by Gena Showalter

for the 3rd book on the Alien huntress series we get to see Mia Snow from the first book again and i love it, i really love Mia character and i miss her no been in the books and more than that is that i want it to know what happen him and his lover we also get to see or hear about other character as well.
this book is different from the other because in the others they are agents already and they are killing machines but for this one only one of them is a killer well only her love interest is but he is been his teacher until she is a A.I.R agent.
so in here we don't see them with each other like in other books on in the first book this one is a little PG13 but is really good.
in this one or heroin is a addict or former and she has to probe to her and everyone that she can stop or that she is not going back. Phoenix Germaine, she been trying to earn her mother back because his addiction to Onadyn a drug, very danger that let you fly. and one night that she is in a party on the forest she meet him the perfect beautiful and drop dead gorgeous Ryan Stone and she in the middle of a battle with the Aliens she is to been into drug camp or that is what she think, she been recruit to be and A.I.R Agent is up to her to be the best she can be, and try no to fall even more for Ryan so she can stay in.
in the other book one of the two is always Alien in this one was him and is funny that they let you see a little more just to make the reader read the next one and see what other people come out been something else is fun.
i like this book because there no all good they have pass and that pass it what make them what they are. so is simple everyone has background and even some of them are bad and can make you cry some are very difficult and when you get the chance to see a character grow well that just make it all the better. and to do so in only a book well that is just magic on his on.
Gena Showalter know how to bring the story on his point and how to make you happy and cry with them i love her writing just because it let you love them and that very cool and important for a writer to bring that in one book of course she can do that in a series but in a book that is cool.
have fun keep reading
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Enslave me Sweetly by Gena Showalter

for the second book on the Alien Huntress series is not so bad,one thing you have to know about this series is in the same world as the first but is no the same people that tell the story or have any go with the first characters you see in the first book.
now for this one we have a new view of this Alien world, and i like it.
after assassin Eden Black fail to bring down a slave man she is force to have a partner one she doesn't no want but desire no the less. she is a Raka a Alien raise know for the peace making and sexuality, and they gold skin and hair make them very much want it of humans and make them a very endanger species in earth. but she is no like other of her kind she is a killer and good at that.
i really like this story and you can see the emotions in both character for the get go, she can help herself but she can always try to fight what she is feeling because is very much stupid to fall for your partner because it become deadly.
so i have a good laugh with this book this two are so equal so good for each other and is so funny i can help myself and laugh but i think i like one character that didn't get a happy ending i would love to see this bad guy become one of the good one lol. he is the King of his land and he actually help Eden and i like him because after what she say to him i think he actually maybe can do something like that is just i would love to see him fall in love and end up happy i don't know sometimes i think a romantic dip down very dip lol.
the book is good and is like all Gena Showalter book i read the have action, power and most important they have that romantic connection that is so strong that they can keep each other away is just about how they get there that really matter and in here good things is they do it and they do it by words " if you don't fuck me i fuck you" so yeah the book is one of the strongest on the series so far.
can wait to keep reading and see what else would Gena trow our way, she has a way to make you want to see the end and that let you to a no spot reading.
have fun and keep reading
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Friday, July 2, 2010

The Darkest Lie by Gena Showalter

Forced in his knees in agony wherever he speakes the truth, she is keeper of nightmares and too dangerous to roam free. a future with her might destroy all he come to love....
wow i can never get enough of The Lords of the underworld, they are so sexy so passioned and so loyal to either there feminine or there friends, in the quest to find Pandora's Box to save them self, and escape there enemies but also try no to fall for that one person that it may destroyed them well make for a very entertain book.
and this book is not one of my favorite, but no the less is was a really good one.
so in here they let you see two person life Amun the keeper of Secrets, Strider the Keeper of Defeat and someone that die but in the last book we get to know that she did not no other that Paris love Sienna now keeper of Wrath, after what happen to Aeron with him dying and finding out where they go after they die like there friend Bade how was kill many centuries ago and still make the Lords all very sad. so anyways something i think Gena is very good in doing is actually playing with the reader feeling you think something is to happen but them something totally different happened, them when you think they are to love someone they don't is so i don't know i like it but something i don't.
also sometimes many reader would get tired of what Gena those as well they always love each other and would do anything in there power to stay away from each other in some cases in other well that doesn't happen but still they try no to be together and the fun part of this how they get to be together and tell each other what they feel and them what they become when they have that love they become so protective that is funny really.
now if I'm not wrong soon we would see Keeper of Secret love life and the keeper of Defeat for that one i can not wait because i know is going to be the most crazy of all.
if you haven't start reading this series well you need to do so like NOW.
i was unsure how Gena was going to give the reader Lies love story but she did and she did it in the best of ways giving them everything and nothing at all giving nothing and taking everything, and for the first time in like all the book ( there some Demon Porn ) no telling much in there but i am telling you you would laugh and actually feel very different about the book after that.
sexy, action, passion, hate all your normal action on her books in one, and at last we didn't get to know what happen to Paris or Sienna i suppose that would be part of the books to come can wait Paris has suffer just enough.
have fun and keep reading
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

for the 3rd movie on the saga i have to say i quite happy with it. when i saw twilight i was so mad it was nothing like the book and in the end i think it really suck, them when new moon came on the picture i was happy because they keep it on the book and it was a good look for the movie only think bad though was Edward look old as hell, and he actually look plain ugly at this point so yeah no very happy with that.
but now that eclipse is out i think director David Slade in did, he did a great job the movie just look real the color are what it would be in that moment he show the view emotion by choosing the right lighting and i just work in my opinion.
of course i still think Edward look really old compare to movie 1 but yeah that happen something else i notice is that everyone have read kiss me lips.
well the tent scene was not a shock at all it was funny and very much like the book the kiss was a little more out there and i think this years Edward and Bella kiss has some competition. it look really good.
something else i notice was many of the story that are tell in this book were no like in the book and very much trying to make it go fast in my opinion those should at the very least have been like in the book to show those that haven't read the book a more understanding of it. ( the story of Jasper and Rosaline how they were turn and the 3rd wife).
i like the movie and it have many of the complement of the book only think they don't put the book end on it so i guess it would make is day view or either the DVD or Breaking down.
i can wait for the next movie to see what they going to do with it and hope they don't make a big mistake when they do.
Have fun and keep Reading
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