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Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill

Diplomacy is the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you can find a rock
- will rogers.
wow the 3rd book on this series is so good I'm out of words i wish i read it before i really enjoy the book, i know Chloe Neill want it to be that sexual tension between Ethan and Merit so when they are together you be more than happy and she is really good and giving you a little and them taking everything away and living all in DRAMA.
i love the book and i think this is the first book we see that Ethan is more man that Vampire or the other way around is very difficult to know is just easy to say that we get to see a different side of him in this one and the end OH MY GOD i can believe this end i want to read the next book like crazy and there is no info on it.
now the last book end letting you know someone want Merit for something but no really telling you what that something is and i have to say the end of the other book was crazy this one is just WOW.
i love the character and the plot for the book and everytime the bad guy come out, you can say i didn't see that one coming, but apparently Chloe did.
when i first start reading the series i was not happy for th elack of romance for lack of better words but i have to say know i should have keep quite about it because it was not a lack of it, it was actually what life would look like if you been in that position if i say so myself, it would very difficult to give yourself to someone you know to little and that actually change you without you knowing that so i think is safe to say i like that she did it like this, so when they start together you want it more and more in every book even though you know drama would come.
in this one the shape-shifters and in Chicago to make the decision whether to stay and fight the war that is to come or leave and leave the vampire to fight once more time alone.
and know that is a bounty on Gabriel ( the main Shape-Shifter) is up to Merit to find that one out, because she is going to be in the middle of it.
the book start a little slow for the first two chapter because if you haven't read the series for the time for the book to come out is normal for you to remember some of the thing that happen int he book after chapter 3 things change and everything is moving as it was meant to move very slow and in perfect timing as always.
the book have action, romance, friendship and the drop dead gorgeous vampires and shape-shifter and like Merit say sometimes they are so predictable, this book is all but that you have to read this series is a most and you wont regret it, it would be like reading twilight-vampire Academy - house of night series and some other book because it would keep you reading until the very end.
have fun and keep reading
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