Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blacklisted by Gena Showalter

wow this book is sooooooo good. I really don't have many words out there to say it but well is one of the best plot and the most important in my opinion out of all the book this one goes more deeply that any of the other book it goes beyond the other.
in here everything start as a fun night on the club after they guy she like and end up been something more and in the end it was all worth it.
for this book they are not agents stopping a bad guy there no good guy killing the bad one they actually the one to fight for the one that need it the most the one that were to die, those that in the book are not important that what they were doing and it really give me another way to see Gena Showlater view.
in here the good guy was doing something actually that was wrong but he was doing it for the right reason to say those how really need it.
in the last book two of the main character Cara and Erick they were dating but they broke up because he was found guilty of possession of Onadyn (that is drug that can kill human but it actually can save the life of some Alien that can breath oxygen) after that he was put to jail but he manage to scape and them he actually start selling so he can get money to give to those that are need but no of this is to know by her Ex so she is to hunt him down.
now in this book Erick meet Camelli and now the two of them are to help them but what is really important is that she is helping him doing something important but that is illegal and can get you kill so she would do anything in her power to help him and him would do anything in his power to protect her.
what i like is the passion of what he is actually doing to help those that need it and this story show you the family of the Aliens that do the bad thing and get kill what happen to them and is brow by two people that what ever they do can change the world.
this one of the most deeply emotional wise on the series because is not about they is about other even though they are to do anything to be together, i really love the story for this because it show what discrimination can do to all us.
many in the real world it won't be drugs but food or something many die because of that and if one person can change the world them we all can because why we let some many people die everyday of hunger that is something to think about and that is something this book would show to you i really like it and there is always what make Gena Showalter book good but this one i think the most different of all her book no only the series and i think people really need to get to read it and see for them self the story line.
have fun and keep reading
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