Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Savor meSlowly by Gena Showalter

What can i say about this book?
i don't know I'm a little speechless with the book, but in a good way. it always get to me that Gena Showalter can do her book so good one better that the other is something it get to me to go around.
for this book the book is divided in 3 person speak.
Dallas, Jaxon, Mishka and is fun because they were in the first book but we don't get to know much about them and Dallas is almost dead so he speak to little and Jaxon is actually one that help Mia with her mission and all that.
but after what Mia does to save Dallas is until this book that we get have the opportunity to know what happen to him.
but this book is not about Dallas is actually about Jason and Mishka that we all know as Le’Ace and she is both human and machine or at the very least human looking, but she has a secret even deeper that what her cold and hard look let people know, and that let us get to know her more and actually like her just because she is just scare little thing a very deadly thing.
we first get to know her in the 3rd book on the series and until know is that we get to see her for real and in action. Jaxon that was part of the first book become a very important part of the book and for this one he can help himself the attraction he has for this woman and enemy.
you have your normal components here passion, love, sex, action, friendship, brotherhood, curses and more and it always work in the end.
now in here all the bets are up and you really don't know what is going to happen i really was very impress with some parts of the book and i think is this book is a lot of sex a little more that the other book or maybe is just me.
now because she is a machine she is not supposed to love and it help to say she was no born as human so is very difficult to know why she can love but them we are born to no emotion until we learn of them so that would be my theory. the book is really good and one of my favorite character came back Devyn he is really fun and when he came in the second book i just love him and can wait to see him in action.
have fun and keep reading
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