Monday, July 26, 2010

Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake

She is the seal and the weapon.

For the second book on the series they go to Venice the house of the coven where more that one secret is there for them to find and much more.
okay in this book they go to Venice and the book start just where we last read, but once there they find that there is much danger out there and more that they can think.
they find that the biggest treat to the the Naturi is in the city, and that actually come as a shock because if they become alliance them a war is to come and war is something they can afford if they want to keep them self a secret.
know i know i don't mind this book no having romance but to be honest i think is time it come and she stop been with everyone but him the hunter that for is my favorite of all for her.
in this book i don't a favorite character just yet maybe in other book i find that one so far they all into manipulation, killing and more killing living out just a bit of romance and what happen is not with the person i want her to be.
and i think is time she find a way to stop been control or something in the book to come.
the plot is great and she is very strong as a character but i still need to see that she can love because if you don't love well is very difficult to save everyone them.
i mean you see her love for things in her pass but no in the present so i really would like that let see what happen next.

have fun and keep reading
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