Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red Handed by Gena Showalter

for the 3rd book on the Alien huntress series we get to see Mia Snow from the first book again and i love it, i really love Mia character and i miss her no been in the books and more than that is that i want it to know what happen him and his lover we also get to see or hear about other character as well.
this book is different from the other because in the others they are agents already and they are killing machines but for this one only one of them is a killer well only her love interest is but he is been his teacher until she is a A.I.R agent.
so in here we don't see them with each other like in other books on in the first book this one is a little PG13 but is really good.
in this one or heroin is a addict or former and she has to probe to her and everyone that she can stop or that she is not going back. Phoenix Germaine, she been trying to earn her mother back because his addiction to Onadyn a drug, very danger that let you fly. and one night that she is in a party on the forest she meet him the perfect beautiful and drop dead gorgeous Ryan Stone and she in the middle of a battle with the Aliens she is to been into drug camp or that is what she think, she been recruit to be and A.I.R Agent is up to her to be the best she can be, and try no to fall even more for Ryan so she can stay in.
in the other book one of the two is always Alien in this one was him and is funny that they let you see a little more just to make the reader read the next one and see what other people come out been something else is fun.
i like this book because there no all good they have pass and that pass it what make them what they are. so is simple everyone has background and even some of them are bad and can make you cry some are very difficult and when you get the chance to see a character grow well that just make it all the better. and to do so in only a book well that is just magic on his on.
Gena Showalter know how to bring the story on his point and how to make you happy and cry with them i love her writing just because it let you love them and that very cool and important for a writer to bring that in one book of course she can do that in a series but in a book that is cool.
have fun keep reading
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