Friday, June 25, 2010

My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent


for the 4th book or the 3rd if we good in numbers is not that bad i guess the plot is cool and all but i guess in this book she is out her mind i mean she didn't have to do anything she could have stay quite and do nothing but them she think doing something for some else and risking her life was more important that just playing low.
is nice that she want to say the world but she doesn't have to do it. that one problem with some of the heroin they think if they don't do something to say the world well the world can move on, until they die and them how is going to be there to say it.
anyways in here on main character find that there is a drug call frost that is actually demon breath, and is been sell to human, but the thing is in human is very dangerous it can kill if not make you crazy first.
she also find something that she never though possible and that would break her, more than anything else would have ever done.
after her father and boyfriend are taking to this other world what would she do to say them, and finding out that more that one person is keeping secret for her.
i like Rachel Vincent story they always have in some point to make difficult decision and the abuse of some of them take to get to there.
in this book Kaylee of main character is abuse mentally and in body but she never have anything to say she was not even there or technically her mind was not and find this out is to break you, at least what she care about is about to change now that her boyfriend is acting wear and think are looking pretty crazy right now for her.
the book have a great plot and all i just didn't found the book to entertain until the very end which i think even the hellion love or better yet they get the idea of it and i know this is not the last time we would hear about the Hellion.

have fun and keep reading
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