Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shadow of the moon by Rachel Hawthorne

She is not your normal shifter she feel there emotion. he is not your typical shifter.
for the 4 book on the series of the Dark guardian novel ( and i think is the best so far on the series) in the other book we have the other character as a know character and mostly it was easy to follow them and how things where to end.
but in this book the main character is actually a empath. ( she feel emotions) but the emotions that she feels is her on species ( werewolf) and no other like humans or other shifters.
when a long enemy attack them during there first shift and say he would be coming for her, thing for her change and always been a outsider on her on clan because her ability keep her away from them, she run away to save everyone else and even if she dies she does knowing that she didn't take no one with her.
but them she meet her mate and he has a secret of his own.
falling for him became really difficult because she doesn't want anything to happen to him and she would do anything that is necessary to make sure of that, and he would do that as well.
one thing i like about this series is the mating they always come to become part and because is for ever is not something they take very easy so they take there time to find that special one.
mostly they have they same problem there care to care but once they stop and give in there is nothing that can stop them it actually remember me of Lord of the underworld series by Gena Showalter as a good thing both story there so scare of love that once they give in they don't know why they fight against it so much.
love the story and i always end up very happy after this book so much love but it also i end up with a question...... what happened it you mate is in another country ? lol maybe i should ask the author i really think Rachel Hawthoren receive a 5 start because her story are very romantic and passioned it.
have fun and keep reading
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