Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three days to Dead by Kelly Meding

what I'm going to do with my After-Afterlife.
wow i like this story it was fun and with a little bit of everything.
imagined you die and them waking up in the morgue with another body and no idea what you are doing there or why?
much less memory of your own dead.
freaking out is not a option and in Dreg city that say a lot.
so in here we have vamps, weres, faeries, elf and sooooo many other mythological creatures that wow i can remember all.
so or heroin die and wake up she starts remember some things but nothing that would help her, after she find Wyatt her mentor and something more.....
she find she only has 3 days to live and to find why she was kill and that mystery that she knew something that would save her, but along the way she would find more than that.
i like the story line the idea of a character so strong and crazy that end up finding out the real problem and no only that she suffer her first dead memory after been torture to death.
the story line make this one different and new to my eyes is very no often you read about someone coming out of the dead in a different body to do somethings.
in the end everything would work out everyone know that but how that happen is the question and for her she only have 3 days at that. so i think to myself when someone die is something welcome but if you get another chance that the last thing you want.
i like the book it has boring moments like anything but is very important at the very end. one thing you see a lot in the book is dead and if you don't like watching the character you like dying this is a no-no book for you but if don't mind that and like the adventure and the unique of this them get it and see for yourself, so romance and dead goes in both hand i think is cool to see that things always work out.
have fun and keep reading
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