Saturday, June 19, 2010

Death Blows by D. D Barant

In Another dimension she never would now sane for insane.
what to say about this series i guess actually finish because i want it to know the very end so i could not just go to the end and that about it but them i was thinking i should have done just that but i didn't so anyways, for been book 2 in this series i not impress no a bit, is sad but true.
i like the plot, the idea of another dimension i just don't like the character they just to boring they interact with each other but there is no passion no nothing and is sad because it should be something there no only to catch the bad guy i don't know.
there villain are more interesting that they are and that say a lot.
i kind of want to see they heroin Jace to come out and have a romance or something else no just been boring and acting like a robot, that only thing I'M GOING TO SAY THE WORLD ONCE MORE i know most book are like that is just that my god the other at the very least have someone to go to cry or just hug i don't know.
now i have to say i have a favorite character and that Gally how by the way is a were-dog and those nothing but it those have more personality that she does.
i think what i don't like is that the main character is to perfect and that is kind of untrue in any world. but D. D Barant have a really cool plot and idea i can deny the actually work that goes in to it is just that is not that fun read about her heroin Jace, and that is sad maybe it would get better maybe there is people that love the book just the way it is, but in my case i want more of the heroin been more human that just fiction.
for this one they have super heroes as the main idea and death as well and that would be about it right nothing much there but the suspense is really good and what she would do next to get there.
more personality is in need i supposed the only reason i actually finish the book was because of the suspense no the heroin.
hope D. D Barant get a chance to give her a little more human to her and some romance no just one night stand and i guess the book would be really good.
have fun and keep reading
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