Sunday, June 6, 2010

Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill


When the first book was more in the get to know basic the second book is to let you know that she is here and she is here to stay and she is not one to mess with.
While in some books I ask for more romance this book does not have need it as much or really is more that it have it and it really is a work in progress where more book give you her love interest to be the perfect man and he is actually almost perfect and all that ( he almost so perfect that they only fight because he only what her safe) in here you don’t actually have that, well you kind of do but is not exactly they I love you and you love me too type no even close of course as reader you kind of hope for the Ethan and Merit romance because they bring the best in each other and there relationship is more that just there I suppose. But like in the first book he actually act as he does not care about what she does ( of course is basically because she say to him no to be his consort “ lover” ) but in this book he actually make her spend some time with him and too let some of his part come out.
I think the second book just let you betting for more and more of this character and there situation and because we know that she is not like other vampire in the first book is not surprise when that actually play to be a really bad thing in the end, and when she try to take his life the end result end been a really god thing for the both of them.
New alliance are to come and many more things are to happened to them, and when and ex come in the picture more secret are to come as well.
And the final touch is when the North America Pack leader of leader is to come how knows what is to happen when he call her that they are the same him and her.
I like this book and when I say that I don’t lie the book is cool and Merit world is need and different and know that friendship are put to the text well you don’t know what she chose and what she would do at the very end of this story but so far I want to see her and Ethan together or at the very least working out a little more of that relationship they have, and they accept that they both care for each other even if they do thing to keep the other apart.

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