Friday, June 11, 2010

One foot in the grave by Jeaniene Frost

Once you got dead no one is better in bed.

For the second book on the Night Huntress series you have Cat has left bones and is over 4 years that she see him.
And one of her mission she find the person that make Bones a vampire, and let his maker live but for her surprise he like to collect unique things, and she is one of those things.
But with price in her head, Ian ( Bones vampire sire ) after her, and bones coming to her life once more well you things can get worse than that.
What I like in this book ( I like so far all the book I don’t have favorite in this series ) Is that after all the time they were apart they still love each other. And not only that, they would do anything this time to stay together.
And I think in this book is one that open the reader eyes as how much they love each other when she could kill him as ease as he could kill her.
Re-reading the complete series is so fun even though I know everything that is to come I still find it so fun to read.
In here after been so unhappy for so long she make the decision to be with Bones and no let him go, and he wont take no for a answer. Like he say “ you can run kitty but I would find you” and now that Tate is in the picture for her heart things can get more crazy than that.
The first time I read the book I could not stop of course this time was no difference but I find myself I did enjoy the book even more, I was no crazy to see what happen next so I took my time letting me enjoy Bones and Cat once more and how they get to stay together with everything going on.
If you think this book so far is good when you get to the next one you find yourself more in shock and more in love with the next one.

Have fun and keep reading
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