Saturday, June 26, 2010

Alyson Noel Signing

Alyson Noel Signing
i went to Alyson Noel Signing this Friday en Coral Gabels Miami Fl at Book and Book.
the show start at 8:30 pm and the place was really beutiful and really cool and also before the show start they have some drink so we can wait, for or dear Alyson noel to come.
it was a really fun reading she read Chapter 9 of Dark Flame and answer many of the comun question that we the reader has.
she also talk why she want it to be a author and it was a really fun story she talk lots about it, i guess she was a little been nerves but i think even the reader were and it was fun to actually be there for her.

there were people that came from Daytona Beach and Tampa and other that travel all the way for the Nort ( sorry i forgat where =]) and it was a really fun reading.

after she finish the reading she answer the question as you know but what i like is that she talk to us like friend and it was really fun to talk just there after we make the line to have of book sign and or picture taken the line move really fast and i actually make some friend there as well after that i actually get to meet with her in person and i really glad i went she is a really down to earth person and after she sign and took a picture with me the night was over for me and i have a lot of fun.

well guys have fun and keep reading
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