Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dying Bite by D. D Barant

She is from a different dimension, and she is not there to stay.
okay i really don't know what to say about this series.
the story line is not bad i guess and make sense in my opinion.
but something i don't like is that is boring and it does not get me crazy to keep reading about it, of course one of the mystery that the story line has is uncover and that about it.
nothing much to it and she have to stay for the same reason i don't know when i start reading it i was hoping for something a little much. also they have the stranger of name and is so wear and a one night stand that it.
i guess i want it more out of this book i supposed i have my hope really high but them maybe is just the first book or maybe is just the author want it the people more into the background before get to know the main character at all. i supposed this book has many author to be in his 3rd book but does not matter to me.
i would read the next one to see what happen but i really more looking for something else to happen, because the book has many things going on for him. like the plot, another universe were vampire, were and other creatures are the majority and humans are the minority and nothing more that nothing like there life are nothing. and you have a person that is bring to this new universe to help so i guess that what really make the plot on this book and is good i like it.
i just don't like that the main character has no personality at all ( i know she is not real) is just is something missing about her something that make her more real that just another character, something that make the reader want to be her want to dream about her and things like that.
maybe the next book or main character get to have more personality because the vampires in this book have more life that she does and that say a lot.
i would read the next book i have only left one series or two without reader any further but i have reason i suppose, i hope the next book is a little be better and i hope it is because the book have things working for it is just need a little something-something.
have fun and keep reading
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