Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some girls bite by Chloe Neill


Well what can I say about this book, I love it, is fun have action you can get enough of the main character Merit and you always hoping for her to be with Ethan ( her master ) but you see that she actually fighting and her loyalty is put to the test you see what she really may of.
I like the plot and Merit sarcasm and her friend are all fun to read about, even though no all her life in the eye of the reader I think it would come out when it time come.
I like that in here or main character is put on the spot to learn what is need to be learn and also to do what ever take to keep her Master and vampire house all safe.
After her attack she been trying to see things as positive as possible and with the attraction for her Master is getting stronger you thing she would give in any moment. But you where wrong she doesn’t and that make the meeting with Morgan a little more crazy and difficult and when he goes to his knee and ask for more of what she can she is put in the place where she have to or have to.
I really enjoy the book and not only that the end of this one is one that can be miss and is so good that I can wait to get staring in the next one I like it so much that I have give comparison with my favorite authors ( Jeaniene Frost, Gena Showalter, Richelle Mead …. etc) how I think make great work when it come to put a story line with a powerful heroin but never taking the fun factor and that no everything is as bad as it see but they also make the character more real by doing that of course minus the fact there vampire and demons or anything it make them come to life and make the reader love them.
I give Chloe Neill 5 start because this is you can put down book and very good at that.
For this piece of work is what I like to read is nor complicated to make it better but it helps that the character are so good and fun to read I tell you, you would not get enough of Merit and her world.

Have fun and keep reading
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