Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gone by Lisa McMann

The both choice are Deadly but which one she would choice.
for the last book on the trilogy Gone was good.
i always like Lisa Mcmann book mostly because the idea of walking on people dream and helping them, work thing out.
you know you work thing in your dream and that about the metaphor she using in here that i like you can know a lot from some by looking in there dream.
so i guess the work of the book is not the best but is definitely a great idea to work around, i think what make me like this book is that Lisa Mcmann make to simple no to like, there is no more that what is necessary and the normal thing in teen life but of course she has a " gift " if you can call it so.
in here you have her fall in love with Cabe he as she is come from a history of family abuse in different form ( his father abuse him fiscally and put him on fire before he die) so he has his on problems to work out as well her ( more is a alcoholic, and she those pretty everything) and with her gift is very much very difficult.
in the other book of the series she is working and helping some else but never herself and after she know the consequence of been a dream catcher she doesn't know that she really want that ( be blind and without the used of her hands) she scare but having the ability to go in some dream she can also know how much trouble his boyfriend is with her always remembering him what is going to happen to her is a very strong plot even though the writing is not out there is a very strong and powerful way to let you care for this character that are strong but what make them so is what really is in question.
i really enjoy reading the book is not out there what it come to book but it is good where it counts, and let you think about what would you chose lose you eyes and hand and let your brain stop working is a very difficult question, and in this book is what would she do and we finally get to know the mysterious man that is her father, even though he doesn't play more that what is necessary what he bring to her life in the ability to do thing for herself for once and also see both side of what could happen if you look to be alone with this particular gift and many other thing i think Lissa Mcmann left the book open to someone opinion and if she write a 4 book which i don't think would happen but you never know she actually can.
i think is a good thing read this book you see that everyone have problem other worse that the other but it happen and the only thing you can do is try to work around them and try to get the best out it.
have fun and keep reading
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