Monday, June 21, 2010

The Short Second life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.....
the twilight saga was a revolution for the vampire writer even though many other vampire authors were out there but many come out more after the vampires Edward and Bella relation.
so here is the deal so in Eclipse we have a new vampire Bree which i think is a very sad story what happen to her but them again the volturi they have something to hide, that we know in this book so is nice.
i always like Stephanie Meyer like a author i love the twilight saga is a really ( something ) they have this romance and life together that make this book or series so calling to many because make us thing in love for ever and the new love and all that is so romantic of course i think Stephanie Meyer could have make something out there first time without been actually saying but i guess they way she did work as well.
from this story and so sad because we don't get to know what happen to this vampire and why they fight and know that we know is sad and i think Bree is one of the saddest because she could have live only she have chose to go with Fred but them she was worry about Diego the person that she was in love with and is sad that because of all the lies they give them she could see more than that.
even though we all new the end i think i not the only one that though maybe she should have a happy ending or maybe she should have been allow to stay with the Cullen that would have been just the best thing i guess but is sad they didn't and i like the book is short but is actually really good and is not surprise Meyer is good in letting you feel like the character even though she is not putting much of her usual style in here is very much like her to let you know many thing and let you hope for something always, and this book was no different because in the end you think may be Bree found Diego in her after life so there you have it.
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