Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dark Flame by Alyson Noel


for this been book 4 is quite good. i really like this one and all her book so far even though i have my problem with Ever because she doubt herself so much is funny how thing turn out.

when i start reading i didn't know what was going to happen but in this book like the first one she actually grows and how she was actually in a battle with herself.

in here we get to know a little about of Jude her 4 hundred year lover but no much and we get to see her best friend come out but in no the best of way.

Ever is going to be in a war with someone she love and the think is that how this book goes, all the hate all the things she does end up been what take everything away from her.

the same problem is there and after all the things they both been trow i think this is just a little piece to what is to come.

i still remember when the book first start that she is so scare to give it in and almost die because of that.

i think when in the first book Drina die and maybe this would give something away maybe no but i think Drina is to come and when she does is to help her no destroy her. now when Ever actually learned that Immortals can be kill too is what bring the actually violence in her and those around her and what make her do crazy thinks that actually end up making there kiss fatal.

now in this book she is crazy for Roman and she can stay away from him, but when she actually learned what he really is she actually get to see more that what he is and that may play on the next book or the last book for that matter i hope to read that and the wait for them to be together is over ad we ( the reader ) get to see that love making because they have become part of us.
Alyson Noel has done a great work in this series and i can wait to read the last 2 book on the series.
have fun and keep reading
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